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My father and I have been photographing our travels around Britain's railway system for over 35 years. From our first rail tour (that's me in the cab of 47559 opposite!) to the present day.
This website is now over 15 years old and represents a collection that is ever expanding in both range and technical scope.I hope you enjoy this view of the three and a half decades of our Railway photography.

Marcus Dawson October 2013

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00 000Rail-Net Live - Stream 3

The third in our series of live streams will take place on Tuesday 2nd August. Stream 3. We have teamed up with the St Albans Signal Box Preservation Trust to provide a live stream from the southern part of the Midland Main Line. With passenger trai....
Tuesday, 02nd August, 2022

00 000Rail-Net Live - Stream 2

The second in our series of live streams will take place on Wednesday 20th July
Live from Crick, near the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal we have cameras covering both the main line and Northampton loop we will see traffic from Avan....
Wednesday, 20th July, 2022

00 000Rail-Net Live - Shepreth Branch Junction

Our pilot broadcast recorded on Tuesday 5th July.
We had several cameras observing traffic at and around Shepreth Branch Junction. This is where the West Anglian Main Line to Cambridge and beyond is joined by the East Coast Main Line's Royston b....
Tuesday, 05th July, 2022

57 312365 for Store

57312 hauls 365512 over the Hitchin Down Cambridge Flyover and onto Poppy Bank. The 365 is off to Ely Potter Group sidings for storage.....
Monday, 12th April, 2021

92 014CAF MkV debut on the Caledonian Sleeper with 92014 at the front

92014 leads the inaugural London bound Lowlander sleeper south through Welham Green on Monday, April 29th 2019. The train was running some 3 and a half hours late due to cable theft delaying departures and the knock-on effect of drivers not being in ....
Monday, 29th April, 2019

950 001950001 at Kempston Hardwick

Unique sprinter 950001 seen passing Kempston Hardwick....
Wednesday, 29th August, 2018

43 014The NMT at WGC

Network Rail's New Measurement Train stops at Welwyn Garden City on a booked pathing stop. Some hand held shaky phone video for everyone to enjoy.....
Monday, 20th August, 2018

55009 The Albert Gilmour memorial charter

Rev Alycidon of the Church of Napier leads the Albert Gilmour memorial charter from Edinburgh to Kings Cross and back.....
Saturday, 16th June, 2018

37 116Colas 37116 with a Skeggy Test Train

37116 leads 37216 with the NMT replacement test train away from Skegness on the 11th May 2018. Also in the consist were: 6261, 72631, 977997 and 9481.....
Friday, 11th May, 2018

700 000Turning right at Belle Isle

The first day of Thameslink/Great Northern services using the Canal Tunnel.....
Monday, 26th February, 2018

15 001The new sleeping order

The new MkV Sleepers are delivered.....
Tuesday, 16th January, 2018

08108 Some old Scans

A few from the archives....
Saturday, 30th December, 2017

800801 Where's Wally?

A view over the old blue bridge in Stevenage of a passing Azuma move....
Tuesday, 04th July, 2017

70 804Tripple Betties

70804 with 6O36 - 70815 70816 in consist. Whitemoor to Hoo Junction Engineers working.....
Monday, 26th June, 2017

9985 20557Trucks on wheels!

Modern wagon technology on display at RailLive 2017....
Wednesday, 21st June, 2017

66 704A foggy night on the ECML

A collection of moves early in the morning on the East Coast Main Line....
Thursday, 27th October, 2016

31 452A Ped and Pig

31452 hauls a 442 for storage at Ely.....
Thursday, 20th October, 2016

700 110A 700 in the GN Wildlands - part 2

First run of a 700 to Cambridge....
Monday, 17th October, 2016

700 110A 700 in the GN Wildlands

The trials of the class 700 on the Watton-at-Stone test track.....
Wednesday, 27th April, 2016

800 001A few moments at Welwyn Garden City

Another IEP move with the bonus of the NMT.....
Monday, 18th April, 2016

66 724A few moments at Welwyn North

Out for an IEP move that I failed technicall but still managed a shot of 66724....
Monday, 21st March, 2016

800101 5x79 The Azuma pre launch move

Virgin Trains launched it's own IEP train, branded Azuma, these exclusive shots show the ECS working before it reached Kings Cross.....
Friday, 18th March, 2016

800101 First* run of the IEP

Intercity Express Programme unit 800101 operated for the first* time on the southern ECML.
*First time not being dragged.....
Friday, 11th March, 2016

60 103Flying Scotsman Returns

Flying Scotsman returns to the main line, as seen from a flying point of view.....
Thursday, 25th February, 2016

00000 Bash to Bill

My tribute to Bill....
Sunday, 24th January, 2016

47518 A few moments at Knebworth - 1983 style

A set of images taken in July 1983 showing the wide range of traction one could often expect on the southern ECML. People often complain about the lack of variety in the modern traction environment. But before the class 66 there was the class 47.....
Monday, 04th January, 2016

46333 The Duchess Returns

The Duchess of Sutherland passes Knebworth with a charter to Lincoln.....
Saturday, 05th December, 2015

91128 Santa Claus 91

Virgin Trains New Santa Claus 91 and DVT on their first outing.....
Tuesday, 01st December, 2015

47146 Pinza's Last run

The last southbound journey on the ECML for 55007 Pinza....
Thursday, 26th November, 2015

67012 A MkIV Dumping

After failing with 1S05 07:00 Kings Cross to Edinburgh in the Knebworth area 91117 had to be removed from the train and dumped in Langley Redlands sidings. This required the Kings Cross Thunderbird to attach to the south end of the train and haul the....
Wednesday, 18th November, 2015

46233 The Duchess

The Duchess crosses Digswell Viaduct on a charter to York.....
Saturday, 31st October, 2015

70 001Some Felixstowe Shots

Just a couple of videos on the Felixstowe Branch whilst checking locations for Trainspots updates....
Monday, 12th October, 2015

00000 An afternoon at Cambridge, back in 1988

A trip up to Cambridge station to see the new wires going up and catch some of, what was then, mundane goings on. ....
Thursday, 03rd September, 2015

68 008First Cat on the Southern ECML.

The first run of a DRS Class 68 saw 68008 power a Kings Cross to the far north land cruise. The train returned Monday eveining.....
Saturday, 08th August, 2015

55 009Church of Napier; Stevenge Sermon

55009 Alycidon with UK Railtours 'The White Rose' trip to York.....
Tuesday, 07th July, 2015

Second run of the Barrington Freight.Another look at the Barrington Freight; this time a video of the arrival and shunting.....Thursday, 02nd July, 2015

First run of the Barrington Freight.After the closure of the Cement factory the line between Barrington and Foxton has been mothballed. But now a new flow delivering 'materials' to the former works has begun with the first loaded train, and indeed the first loco to work off the Roysto....Tuesday, 30th June, 2015

First Daylight Steam over the DCF and Poppy BankToday saw the second working of a steam train over the Down Cambridge Flyover and Poppy Bank with RTC's 'The Easterling' to Norwich and the East Suffolk line. The tour would later go on to be the first steam working over the Bacon curve in Ipswich.....Sunday, 08th March, 2015

Virgin Trains East Coast LaunchWhilst technically the second day of the new franchise it was the first week day and Monday 2nd March 2015 was the official launch for the new Virgin Trains East Coast service. First off the blocks in the new livery was 91124 with 1S13 to Edinburgh.....Monday, 02nd March, 2015

313121313121 then and now....Saturday, 17th January, 2015

Early morning Hitchin Grid56312 arrives at Hitchin with 6Z34 from Chaddesden ....Tuesday, 13th January, 2015

Cambridge Diversion WeekendsWith 4 weeks of engineering in the St Neots area usual East Coast workings have been diverted via Cambridge. Starting on the Saturday evening and finishing late on the Sunday morning we see a few of the workings taking the Hitchin to Cambridge line.....Tuesday, 13th January, 2015

Farewell to Bittern4464 'Bittern' runs to Lincoln with a charter. This is to be the final main line run for the locomotive for some time as it is now due for a boiler overhaul to retain it's 'main line ticket'. For more information about Bitterns overhaul see the Tuesday, 30th December, 2014

First Steam working over the Down Cambridge FlyoverAlthough the Down Cambridge Flyover has been open since the 25th of June 2013 this is the first Steam locomotive to work over the track. There have been a number of steam workings up the branch but these have all taken the 'Old Road' and avoided Popp....Thursday, 18th December, 2014

Bittern through WelwynWith Bittern wrapping up the year before a maintence break a number of charters are scheduled.....Saturday, 13th December, 2014

57313 with an A4West Coast Railways 57313 drags an ECS move from Norwich to Southall through Stevenage station with A4 Pacific 60009 on the rear.....Friday, 12th December, 2014

The New Measurement Train and Shepreth Branch JunctionNetwork Rail's 'New' Measurement Train joins the Cambridge main line at Shepreth Branch Junction with a test working from Derby to Cambridge via Kings Cross. This view was taken from the new footbridge at the location.....Monday, 08th December, 2014

First passenger working of a Cat 68 up the Lickey.With the new class 68 locomotives coming into passenger service 68014 became the first member of the class to work up the famous Lickey Incline, which is handled with no problem what so ever.....Saturday, 06th December, 2014

Moving a square wheelAfter having failed in service with a defective wheel 82207 and the accompanying MkIV set is moved back to Bounds Green using a wheel skate. The train was formed of: 91131, 12207, 12417, 12415, 12414, 12307, 10307, 11298, 11301, 11401, and 82207 ....Thursday, 04th December, 2014

Some aerial viewsA general collection of aerial views shot using DJI Equipment DJI Phantom, F450, F550 and a Go Pro camera.
Updated 26th October 2014

I ....
Sunday, 26th October, 2014

GW Railmotor on the Brentford BranchOn the weekend of 18/19th October, the Great Western Society’s Steam Railmotor No. 93 took part in the First Great Western Heritage Weekend running on th....Sunday, 19th October, 2014

The Barrington Cement works branch visitA visit to see the state of the soon to be unmothballed branchline to the Barrington Cemenet works off the Cambridge to Hitchin branch line.....Wednesday, 15th October, 2014

Shoeboxes through the Old TownA trio of 73s on a test train routed via the ECML.....Saturday, 06th September, 2014

The Drax 40 TourUK Railtours Drax 40 tour took 66001 and 60079 on a tour of South Yorkshire visiting York, Drax Power Station, Monk Bretton and the New Doncaster North Tour.....Saturday, 30th August, 2014

DCF NMTThe New Measurement Train over the Down Cambridge Flyover and Poppy bank. Here we see newly named 43014 'The Railway Observer' with 43062 'John Armitt'. This was the first run of train over the Grade Separated Junction, previous runs have either bee....Monday, 23rd June, 2014

Double 70s on Poppy BankColas 70s 807 and 808 (Dead in tow) come off the Down Cambridge Flyover (DCF) and along Poppy Bank with 6L37 Hoo Junction to Whitemoor engineers train. http://www.trainspots.co.uk/locpage.php?ts_number=1239....Tuesday, 27th May, 2014

First Capital Connects new clothes365517 shows off the new colours of First Capital Connect.....Friday, 17th January, 2014

The DeviationerPathfinder Tours 'The Deviationer' captured on the Midland Main Line and on the Down Cambridge flyover and Poppy bank. Thiis was the first time class 20s had used the Hitchin Grade Separation.....Saturday, 11th January, 2014

A few moments at Hitchin....Thursday, 19th December, 2013

The Maybach MeandererPathfinder Tours The Maybach Meanderer from Crewe to Crewe via Quainton Road. Using the Diesel Traction Groups D1015 Weste....Saturday, 14th December, 2013

Some GN SteamSome shots of the Steam heritage traction to grace the lower Great Northern in autumn 2013....Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

Chelsea footexsChelsea fans are taken to Newcastle in style. Hauled by 86259 with the Virgin Trains Pretendolino set WB64.....Saturday, 02nd November, 2013

Bardons ove the ViaductA view of the Ferme Park to Bardon Hill empties crossing the Digswell Viaduct....Friday, 27th September, 2013

GN Drags, how they should be done.Taken in April 1987 this shows how a railway can be run when Electric Multiple Units couple to locomotives, without the need for adaptor couplings, and life goes on pretty much as usual.....Monday, 23rd April, 2012

30 Years on30 Years ago the last class 55 working, in BR service, headed from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh and back. And then they were done.....Sunday, 02nd January, 2011

50s to the far northThe Orcadian - 50s to the Far North
4 Days of chasing 50049 and 50031 round the far north of Scotland.  Plenty of thrash and chase shots.
£12.99 (inc P&P) To order your copy contact
Saturday, 16th June, 2007

NVR - Grid and Crompton CharterBack to the Nene Valley Railway for another Photo charter organised by the EMRPS. This time with 56098 and 33065. 33063 was to have been used during the shoot but unfortunately expired on the Spa Valley Railway with two blow traction motors. The ....Saturday, 24th February, 2007

The Buffer Puffer 4.0Pathfinder Tours London branch line bash.....Saturday, 20th January, 2007

The Son of Christmas Cracker40145 heads south to Salisbury with Pathfinder Tours 'Son of Christmas Cracker' tour.....Saturday, 25th November, 2006

The SandblowerPathfinder tours Spin and Win round the Anglia region. We followed the tour on it's Kings Lynn leg and out to Middleton Towers.....Saturday, 21st October, 2006

The grid returnsThe new Jarvis 56 refurb hits the tracks of west London....Wednesday, 10th May, 2006

The 2006 North Yorkshire Moors Diesel Gala3 days of fun, sun and clag in the moors.....Thursday, 04th May, 2006

Maratime MomentWas passing so it would be rude not to peak over the bridge parapit!....Tuesday, 02nd May, 2006

Another EMRPS Grid Chartergrid....Friday, 28th April, 2006

The Easter HighlanderMore Blue Pullman'age... this time about as northerly as you can get.....Friday, 14th April, 2006

The Class 56 back on heavy freightWith an expansion planned at the western end of the line the Nene Valley Railway got in some Ballast from La Farge Aggregates to assist with the track bed. And why bother to use one of the main line locos when you have a heavy hauling freight loco o....Saturday, 18th March, 2006

EMRPS NVR Night ShootMore night shoot capers witht the boys from the East Midlands Railway Photographic Soceity. This time with 40106 on the lines steam breakdown crane and 56057 on a set ....Sunday, 26th February, 2006

Even MORE Blue PullmansSeemingly the only thing of interest I can get out to at the moment... It's a good job it makes quite a nice photograph! So with a trip into third rail land, visiting Folkestone and Dungeness a wee jaunt out to the marshes was planned
Saturday, 04th February, 2006

More Blue Pull-persons!Round 2 with the Nankin train. This time the tour started at Letchworth Garden City and headed for Portsmouth.
For more information on the trains - Hertforsdhire Railtours - Saturday, 28th January, 2006

A Nanking good showThe first offical outing of the new Nanking Blue Pullman train was a circular tour round Cambridgeshire, we caught up with the stock in the Fens....Thursday, 12th January, 2006

The 2005 Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Diesel GalaThe best way to do cold turkey, go to a Diesel Gala. And the G&WR do the right thing and put one on just after Christmas....Tuesday, 27th December, 2005

Preparing for the Cab it weekendThe National Railway Museum in York held a 'Cab it' event over the weekend of the 12/13th of November. A large numer of old and modern exhibits were taken to the show including a couple of surprise repaints.....Thursday, 10th November, 2005

The Capital CursaderA brief look at the Pathfinder Capital Crusader tour on the Bedford to Bletchley line.....Saturday, 05th November, 2005

Acorp WeekenderThe Association of Community Rail Partnerships or ACoRP held it's first ever 'Community Railfest Event' between Friday 23rd and Sunday 25th of September 2005 in Norfolk. With special loco hauled trains to Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth as well as dis....Saturday, 24th September, 2005

The 2005 Nene Valley Diesel GalaThe Nene Valley Railway annual diesel gala was held from Friday 16th to Sunday 18th September 2005. A number of locos from the home fleet were out to play along with some visitors from GB Rail freight and Freightliner.The two GBRf LEDs were emp....Saturday, 17th September, 2005

Rail-net Euro Tour 2005After and offer I couldn't refuse... 'Wanna come grid bashing in France?' plans were made and hotels booked and warning triangles purchased, maps consulted...

Many thanks must go to the following for providing help and information to Brian and....
Sunday, 21st August, 2005

MacCookie Tour 2005 - IIMissing the rolling scenery of Scotland, oh and a bunch of crank tours in the area a trip to the West Highlands was planned. The usual suspect of MacBuddy Ewan 'you really need to learn to drive'....Saturday, 06th August, 2005

Last flight of the EDsAfter many years of sterling service on the Gatwick Express workings from London it was finally time to retire the class 73s from daily duties. Having been replaced by the Class 460Thursday, 28th July, 2005

DRS Mega MixA loco repositioning move sees the rare use of a DRS 47 in the south of England....Tuesday, 26th July, 2005

Duchess at WelwynAnother Kettle tour on the ECML, though I thinnk this one should have been on the WCML, oh well it's under wires!....Saturday, 23rd July, 2005

EMRPS Grid CharterIn order to catch the grid on something other than a rake of continental coaches the and also helping to raise some money for the railway and locomotive. The EMRPS organised a ....Friday, 22nd July, 2005

Chasing the DRS Serco Vol 1 and 2With a the appearence of proper traction on the Serco test train the opportunity couldn't be missed. Even if it meant a 150 mile round trip in the middle of the night. But it was worth it just to hear the 37s wake up High Wycombe at 00:30 in the mor....Wednesday, 13th July, 2005

London eveMore summer sun, this time in north west London....Tuesday, 12th July, 2005

Another Summer eve on the ECMLA bit of fresh air one summers eve watching the passings on the East Coast Main line at Biggleswade....Monday, 11th July, 2005

The Church of Napier heads southThe Deltic Preservation Society's second main line outing. This time to coincide with the 2005 festival of the sea at Portsmouth and celebrate the Napier engines naval heritage. This time I deci....Saturday, 02nd July, 2005

Off for a sleepSince the rumours started that the class 37s were due to be replaced with class 67s first surfaced in 2004 I felt it was time to actually ride on the sleeper, never having done it before. The West Highland line is one of the more scenic journeys in ....Thursday, 16th June, 2005

V-O-G TractorsA visit to Wales to see the Barry Festival of Transport....Sunday, 12th June, 2005

Lickey Charters40 up the Lickey, couldn't really miss that!
The Class 40 Preservation Society in association with Pathfinder Tours ra....
Saturday, 04th June, 2005

Tractors in the South EastWith European Passenger Services running driver training / refresher runs using class 37s hauling Eurostar sets on the cards a trip to Kent was made. Sadly the planned traction was 3 locos for the day but one of the 37s multiple working equipment wa....Wednesday, 01st June, 2005

Bank Holiday interestWith a spare day a trip to the Lickey was planned to suss out the location for the next weekends class 40 tour, and whilst I was out why not got the Bag 'O Spanners on tour too....Saturday, 28th May, 2005

An evening on the ECMLWith the first revenue earning service of the new Hull Trains Pioneer unit to Kings Cross a trip to the local line was in order.....Monday, 23rd May, 2005

The 2005 North Yorkshire Moors Diesel GalaWith the clash of two very rateable galas over this weekend a toss of the coin chose the destination. The North Yorkshire Moors Railway won. Pictures of the Mid Hants can be found on Jimbo’s....Thursday, 12th May, 2005

EustonWith the Scooby skip on its way south to Euston and a bit of time I thought I'd pop over and get some shots.....Tuesday, 03rd May, 2005

Grid bashing on the NVRWith the release back into traffic of 56057 British Fuels I decided to pay a return visit to the Nene Valley Railway and get some shots of the beastie in action, oh and have a ride too.....Monday, 02nd May, 2005

SpaldingThe annual flower festival at Spalding isn't what it used to be. The last time I visited I was hauled to Spalding from Stevenage by a class 46 and there were about a dozen specials visiting the Lincolnshire town. Today, just the one.....Saturday, 30th April, 2005

Suffolk RamblingsAfter the previous days trip to south London the 33 and Saloon visited Norfolk and Suffolk, so I had to get a shot of it on the Anglia branch....Friday, 29th April, 2005

Two hours at Wandsworth RoadWith a Crompton and former Hastings car doing the rounds on the Southern I couldn't decide where to fot it tho. Never having been there before a trip to Wandsworth RoadThursday, 28th April, 2005

The return of NapierAfter many months absence the Deltic Preservation Society's 55019 finally made it back to the main line. With a little jolly from London to Edinburgh and back on the Saturday the loco was run lig....Saturday, 23rd April, 2005

Fenland SpoonerySome class 47 hauled tours across the fens of Cambridgshire. One to Norwich, one to York....Saturday, 16th April, 2005

The Solent SyphonsA look at the Pathfinder trip to the south!....Saturday, 09th April, 2005

The Wedding BelleThe DRS powered wedding special on a Crewe to Crewe circular tour.....Saturday, 02nd April, 2005

Crewe DragsDue to the weekly upgrading of the West Coast Main line to 1980s standards the power gets switched off in various places between Crewe and Preston. As a result the electric services tend to get dragged or grind to a halt about a mile after the juice....Saturday, 02nd April, 2005

Basford Hall Night Stuffed Tiger ShootDuring our last visit to Basford Hall it was decided that a night shoot would be jolly nice. So it was arranged!
Many thanks to the Friday, 01st April, 2005

Hull Trains DragOne of the new Hull Trains Pioneer units dragged north through Stevenage in the consist of a freight.
Big up to Mr Howe for the 06:45 gen alarm call :o) ....
Tuesday, 29th March, 2005

Another Suffolk jauntA bit of a location scout on the Felixstowe Branch and a trip to a new location.....Friday, 25th March, 2005

Out for a trip in WalesOut and about with a 33 and inspection salon in Wales. Sorry about the lack of catptions, I wasn't there and even if I was I probably couldn't spell where it was!

The 33 was out on a network rail special to Pwllheli....
Tuesday, 15th March, 2005

The Ped day trip in SuffolkOff for a bit of road learning in Suffolk. The staff of FM rail toook 31190 on a jaunt to Sizewell, all it needed was a caravan.....Saturday, 12th March, 2005

The MacCookie tour to HooversvillePathfinder tours little jaunt around the West Highlands, would have been rude to ignore that!....Friday, 04th March, 2005

Back the Bid 2012Following a poll amongst readers of Rail Magazine two class 87 are to be repainted. 87012 was chosen to be repainted into the colours of Network South East.

Big up to Uncle Phiwwi....
Friday, 25th February, 2005

Scooby to EustonThe EWS Mystery Tour train arrives at Euston, ready to take some digantaries to Litchfield....Wednesday, 23rd February, 2005

The Buffer Puffer Vol IIIChasing another Pathfinder tours crankex - The Buffer Puffer III from London to the sticky out bits of Essex and Hertfordshire....Saturday, 19th February, 2005

The East EnderChasing Pathfinder tours - East Ender traction fest from Crewe to Southend....Saturday, 05th February, 2005

The CFPS Silver JubileeCelebrating 25 years the Class 40 Preservation Society ran a 3 day tour from London to London via London.
Being a little bit more specific......
Friday, 21st January, 2005

Unit DragsWhilst waiting for the Class 40 Silver Jubilee tour the Freightliner unit drag appeared at Hornsey....Friday, 21st January, 2005

Chasing the Bag o' SpannersBack on the main line after gearbox troubles D1015 was out for a test run to Stoke Gifford, near Bristol.....Monday, 17th January, 2005

Full Dull in NuneatonA bit of a disastrously dull day trip to Nuneaton to get some shots of 37s on works trains.....Saturday, 15th January, 2005

The Scooby Skip and the Mystery TrainThe EWS Mystery tour train is being used around the network to train drivers. On December the 30th it was Temple Mills Bound.....Thursday, 30th December, 2004

CTRL 2 ExplorationA cold turkey explore of the area around the Channel Tunnel Rail Link part 2....Tuesday, 28th December, 2004

GWR Diesel GalaA trip over to Cheltenham to catch the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's diesel gala.....Monday, 27th December, 2004

DogReturning from Ely into London Kings Cross the Duke of Gloucester pauses at Watton at Stone to take on water. This is the departure.......Tuesday, 21st December, 2004

Rugby MorningA early morning visit to Rugby to see what happened....Saturday, 18th December, 2004

FGW FarewellFirst Great Western will shortly be replacing its last class 47 locomotive. The class has been a mainstay of the region for over thirty years and as a tribute, on Saturday December 11, First Great Western ran a special London Paddington - Penzance re....Saturday, 11th December, 2004

A Night Stop at RugbyWith the apparent appearance of the EWS Scooby Skip and Mystery train at Rugby an impromptu trip was made. The train never showed up.. But some shots were had.....Friday, 10th December, 2004

Xmas shopping in LincolnA short spell in Stevenage Old Town to catch the Christmas shopping specials to Lincoln....Saturday, 04th December, 2004

London in the SnowWhen the snow comes down the hour long drive turns into a 5-6 hour nightmare, the roads grind to a halt in grid lock....Tuesday, 30th November, 2004

Archive videoSome old videos from days gone by....Tuesday, 30th November, 2004

Trip to Basford HallWith a trip to Crewe Basford Hall being organised by James Mayl and a couple ....Saturday, 06th November, 2004

The Class 86 farewellThe 'one' organised railtour 'The Anglian Class 86 Farewell' took a top and tail pair of Class 86s on a tour of the region. Although the 86s will continue in service probably until the end of 2004 (indeed the train worked back to Norwich in service!....Saturday, 30th October, 2004

More Steam DreamsQuite a dull and windy morning, to be expected towards the end of October, greated the Standard 5 as it headed towards Cambridge and on to Norwich with a Steam Dreams day excursion.....Saturday, 23rd October, 2004

The Alton ObserverPathfinder Tours Alton Observer making its way south along former Midland routes.....Saturday, 09th October, 2004

The New Measurement TrainRoaming the length and breadth of the country the Chief Engineers New Measurement train has a fortnightly timetable to cover the main lines, with the exception of the southern region. Formed of former HST power cars and a number of test coaches the ....Monday, 04th October, 2004

The 2004 Severn Valley Railway Diesel GalaThe Severn Valley Railway held it's annual Diesel Gala from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd of October. We visited on the Saturday to see what was going on. The weather was pretty awful, with a couple of ....Saturday, 02nd October, 2004

Camden Freight90041 Passes Camden Road....Monday, 27th September, 2004

Logs to LynnA couple of shots of the late running ECS to Kings Lynn top and tailed by 2 Class 50s....Friday, 24th September, 2004

The Freight LinerFreightliner's Class 66, No.66 503 has recently been named `The Railway Magazine' and in conjunction with Britain's longest running railway periodical, Hertfordshire Railtours ran a special ex....Saturday, 11th September, 2004

Scrap IceWith some redundant de-icing units going for scrap at Immingham, an afternoon off work and a bit of sun (shame it was behind us, not a lot of options for a northbound afternoon move) a little trip to Welwyn Garden City Station to catch the ensemble.....Thursday, 09th September, 2004

The Getting Wet Round Britian tourWith a week off I planned to head to the north to catch a railtour taking Class 40s to places they really do go very often. But there were four days before that. So a tour was put together to get me north. For some reason the rain seemed to follow....Monday, 23rd August, 2004

Cotswolds on the moveCotswold Rail 47s 316 and 200 returning back to base.....Monday, 16th August, 2004

Thunderbirds are go...57301 arrives at Euston....Saturday, 14th August, 2004

West Coast AnglianHired in Anglian MkIIs on the WCML....Friday, 06th August, 2004

Early days for the BadgerTesting and entry into service for 89001....Wednesday, 04th August, 2004

East Anglian Day OutWith a spare day and some sun a trip to Anglia land was planned. In the company of James Mayl and Michael The Sprog....Thursday, 29th July, 2004

MML CromptonsReturning from their Thameslink thunderbird duties 33202 Metor and 33103 Swordfish head back to West Hampstead. Seen here passing East Hyde.....Tuesday, 27th July, 2004

East Midlands RamblingsWith a Saturday to spare a trip up to Nuneaton to see the Virgin drags before they finished and then some exploration in the general area.....Saturday, 24th July, 2004

Sunset at BiggleswadeHaving lived by the ECML for many years I realised how little I had photographed the current scene. So with the nice summer sun setting I thougth I'd best put this right.....Friday, 23rd July, 2004

Kettles and SpoonsA few steam specials all in one place made a weekend that couldn't really be missed. Firstly, a visit to Hampshire to catch some Southern steam and then up north for some LMS Steam, quite a day with some proper traction thrown in too! For some m....Friday, 09th July, 2004

Chasing the 38 Tube stockTo celebrate the Uxbridge centenary the restored 1938 tube unit was running a special service. These views show the "Uxbridge Centenarian - Metropolitan Line" tour.....Sunday, 04th July, 2004

A quicky at St Pancras InterimA quick trip down to St Pancras to catch the New Measurement Train... That never pitched.....Friday, 02nd July, 2004

An evening in West LondonWaiting for a top and tail class 47 working from Glastonbury I decided to visit the Grand Union Canal towpath alongside the Great Western Main line and see what sort of shots could be had. Hoping the ECS move would traverse the flyover I set up posi....Monday, 28th June, 2004

A few moments at IngatestoneA 45 minutes stint at Ingatestone waiting for the last class 312 working. Unfortunately the east London traffic prevented me from getting the actual passenger working so I had to make do with the ECS working back to Ilford.....Friday, 25th June, 2004

The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway Diesel Gala - 2004Over the weekend of the 19th and 20th of June diesels took over the short, but hilly, Keighley and Worth Valley railway between Keighley and Oxenhope. With current visitors from Saturday, 19th June, 2004

A few moments at KnebworthWaiting for the returning Pendolino form the York Railfest. A small surprise to boot!....Wednesday, 09th June, 2004

The New Look for Midland Main LineMidland Main Line's new fleet of trains, the Meridians, have begun to enter passenger service on a daily basis. These views show 222011 waiting to depart with the 12:30 to Derby.....Thursday, 03rd June, 2004

A few moments at Worting JunctionWith a day off, a bit of sun and the launch of South West Trains relivered 4-VEP a trip down to Worting Junction was on the cards. After battling the demons that occupy the M25 for an hour or two I made it just in time to see the working off of Basin....Wednesday, 02nd June, 2004

Railfest 2004York Railfest 2004....Friday, 28th May, 2004

West London RamblingsWith a bit of advanced gen in the bag an afternoon trip to Kensington Olympia [TS192] was on the cards. Hop on the North London Line to Willesden and then a connectio....Tuesday, 25th May, 2004

The Mid Hants Diesel Gala - 2004The annual Trainspotters Ball was held over the three days, 21st-23rd, on the Mid Hants Railway in Hampshire. Plenty of movement to keep the enthusiasts and a few unexpected changes to the....Saturday, 22nd May, 2004

Another Eurostar rescue The 1X39 17.05 Leeds to Kings Cross, worked by GNER livered Eurostar 373301/2 was declared a failure at Langford, between Biggleswade and Arlesey at 19.00. 67016 was dispatched from Kings Cross to assist the train forward to Stevenage and then forwa....Tuesday, 04th May, 2004

The 2004 North Yorkshire Moors Diesel GalaBetween Friday 23rd and Sunday 25th of April the North Yorkshire Moors Railway between Pickering and Grosmont hosted a gala event running only diesel traction.  Due to problems obtaining air braked coaching stock only heritage traction was runni....Friday, 23rd April, 2004

Peaks back on the MidlandTo mark the temporary closure of the Barlow Train shed at St. Pancras Midland Main Line organised a special Peak hauled working from St. Pancras to Leicester. Because of the lack of run round facilities the train was top and tailed by 47355.....Thursday, 08th April, 2004

The final days of the Class 56EWS' new chief executive decided on a massive rationalisation of it's locomotive fleet in the beginning of 2003. This has meant the end of many of the older classes of locomotive.  As of 31st March 2004 all Class 56s are to be turned off. This p....Saturday, 27th March, 2004

The Mid Norfolk Railway Diesel GalaThe Mid Norfolk railway held their third annual Diesel Gala on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st March 2004. We managed to visit on the Sunday. A day of very changeable weather. A quite dif....Sunday, 21st March, 2004

The Buffer PufferPathfinder Tours "Buffer Puffer" Took 37047 and 37203 on an eccentric tour of some London Branch Lines.....Saturday, 20th March, 2004

A few hours at ElyHaving a day off and some advance gen on a stock move I decided to check out some trainspots. In this case [TS10....Friday, 27th February, 2004

The Twilight of the SpoonsEWS Railway is culling its fleet of locomotives. By then end of the financial year (31st March 2004) EWS is expected to have withdrawn its class 47, 37/0 and 56 fleet. So the days for these once common place locomotives is coming to an end.... p....Wednesday, 11th February, 2004

The East Lancashire Railways English Electric Gala 2004The East Lancashire Railway to the north of Manchester hosted on of its regular diesel extravaganzas playing host it a large fleet of English Electric engines.
Thanks must go out to Andy Sl....
Saturday, 17th January, 2004

Last night of the TPOsJanuary 10th 2004 saw and end of an era - the runs of the last travelling post office trains. So to capture the moment we visited Rugby on the West Coast Main Line.......Saturday, 10th January, 2004

GBRf by NightAfter receiving a bit of Gen on the Freightmaster interactive list.

6T72 21.40 Peterbo....
Wednesday, 03rd December, 2003

33s on the ECMLChristmas shopping in York, With Cromptons providing the motive power....Sunday, 30th November, 2003

La Farge StoneThe weekly Sundays only Mountsorrel to Langley stone working is normally the reserve of EWS class 66's. Occasionally class 60's deputise for a 66 and on this occasion the unique Corus Steel livered 60 006 "Scunthorpe Ironmaster" provided the power.....Sunday, 16th November, 2003

The Cumbrian Mountains ExpressClass 50s up the ECML....Saturday, 18th October, 2003

GN Water Canons 2003 vs 2004The autum leaf fall season starts and the 'wrong kind of leaves' must be removed. Top and tail 37s and some high pressure water jets should do the trick.

The page begins with the good old days of 37s in daylight.
At the Saturday, 18th October, 2003

Stevenson87001 was prepared by the staff at Willesden for it's re-dedication to the Stevenson Locomotive society on 14-10-2003
These views show the 0N07 Willesden to Heaton Light Engine Move. Thanks as ever to Rail-nets roving driver/photographer some of ....
Tuesday, 14th October, 2003

St AustellA Few moments at St Austell....Sunday, 05th October, 2003

West Coast Wind DownVirgin is putting its class 86s and 87s into storage or terminating their leases at the end of the 2003 summer timetable. Pendolinos will replace these loco in front line services, leaving only class 90s for Loco haulage. These shots show the locos....Tuesday, 16th September, 2003

The Spinnin State XIIIPast times Spinnin State XIII....Saturday, 13th September, 2003

D9016's last purple voyageD9016 Gordon Highlanders repaint into Porterbook colours provoked "much debate and conjecture within railway circles. But now it is consigned to history. These views show 0Z55 working from Alton to Toton
These photographs....
Thursday, 11th September, 2003

The Capital Whistler40145 heads north through Old Stevenage on Pathfinder Tours Capital Whistler....Saturday, 06th September, 2003

Steam Dreams - Banned!37197 and 33202 take over the Steam Dreams charter from Liverpool Street to Ely during a network rail steam ban....Monday, 25th August, 2003

Sleeping down the East CoastWith on going engineering work on the West coast Main line, sleepers have once again become an occasional part of the East Coast main line.....Saturday, 23rd August, 2003

The Rail-Net tour 2003With a week to spare I set off to visit a friend in Scotland. Such a long journey requires breaks for rest and relaxation, so plenty were taken. Also the trip provided the opportunity to put some faces to names and meet some new people. So after a....Monday, 11th August, 2003

Doncaster Works 150th Celebrations2003 is the 150th anniversary of the Great Northern Railway works at Doncaster. People flocked to the site to view the large number of engines old and new on display ranging from with east coast main line motive power ranging from A4 Pacifics throug....Friday, 25th July, 2003

Bringing down the wires - Eurostarstyle!After reading a piece of rail-gen this morning regarding a problem at Stevenage I decided to investigate. After a lot of driving round the area, I finally found the proble....Thursday, 17th July, 2003

The Pennine FellsmanPathfinder Railtours Class 40 excursion from Birmingham to Carlisle via Crewe, Liverpool and Settle....Sunday, 13th July, 2003

The Scarborough Flyer - A4 StyleThe Scarborough Flyer Steam tour from London Kings Cross to Scarborough and back on this day had A4 60009 Union of South Africa at the head. The loco was due to be replace at Doncaster on the return leg so it could be at the Doncaster 150 Celebratio....Saturday, 12th July, 2003

CTRL Over Speed TestingOverspeed testing prior to the launch of services on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link....Tuesday, 08th July, 2003

The Medway viaductAfter a visit to the Kent coast for a bit of sun, sea, sand and sunburn on the way home I thought it would be worth a look at the new Medway Viaduct for the Channel Tunnel Rail lin....Saturday, 21st June, 2003

Riveria ECS Move47853 and 47839 haul the Old Oak-Craigentinny and return ecs movements for Riveria Trains....Tuesday, 17th June, 2003

West Coast MorningsWest Coast Mornings....Saturday, 14th June, 2003

DPS CharterOn Saturday 7th June the Deltic Preservation Society ran a charter service from Newcastle to London Kings Cross, although the train was due to be hauled by D9009 Alycidon this loco was unavailable....Saturday, 07th June, 2003

2003 Crewe Works Photographic EveningOn May 31st and June 1st Bombardier Transportation of Crewe opened its doors to 10's of thousands of enthusiasts, Its Return of the Legends weekend proved to be a big success with advanced ticket sales for the Saturday along nearing 20,000. Th....Friday, 30th May, 2003

Beauty and the BeastWhich one is the Beast I'll leave up to you!....Tuesday, 20th May, 2003

The 2003 North Yorkshire Moors Diesel GalaBetween Friday 11th and Sunday 13th of April the North Yorkshire Moors Railway between Pickering and Grosmont hosted a gala event running only diesel traction. Some heritage, some current.

Locos running were D345, D5061, D7628, 37038, 37197, ....
Friday, 11th April, 2003

The Nene Valley RamblerThe following clips and pictures were taken as I observed the Watercress line "Nene Valley Rambler" rail tour around Hertfordshire.....Sunday, 06th April, 2003

GNER Thunderbirds, the next generationThe GM Class 67's re due to take over "Thunderbird" duties from class 47's shortly. This loco was seen a few hours later heading north hauling a MkIV+91 set

Many thanks to GM-Gen (Ray in Huntingdon) for the information.....
Saturday, 15th March, 2003

The Spinnin State IVintro....Saturday, 01st March, 2003

Ixon and the Badgerintro....Wednesday, 12th February, 2003

91 in the snow91119 blasting through the winters dusting of snow....Friday, 31st January, 2003

The Spin Doctor - West Midlands ChaseThe following clips and pictures were taken as I chased the Hertfordshire Railtours "Spin Doctor" rail tour around the West Midlands. The chance of seeing two class 37's powering up the Licke....Saturday, 04th January, 2003

The Pendolinos enter serviceThe beginning of the end for West Coast Main Line loco hauled traction.....Monday, 16th December, 2002

Thunderbirds are go....The first passenger working of a 57 into Euston.....Monday, 09th December, 2002

The Royal TrainMany thanks must go to EWS personnel and British Transport Police without their help these taking pictures would not have been possible.....Friday, 27th September, 2002

D9000 on the moveD9000 returns to Hornsey after working a special.....Monday, 23rd September, 2002

The Green Welly SpecialsSome football special passing through Stevenage.....Sunday, 22nd September, 2002

The Bone Idol - Farwell to the Class 58I was on the first so I had to be on the last..
The last Class 58 railtour form Kings Cross to Skegness and back.....
Sunday, 01st September, 2002

A few moments at ...... HitchinA trip to Hitchin to catch a 67 hauled NENTA railtour booked to stop....Saturday, 31st August, 2002

A few moments at ...... HorleyWhilst on an airport run to Gatwick I took the opportunity to spend some time at Horley. Firstly a neat over bridge just to the north of the station then on to the station itself. On both my arrival and departure I missed some XC Virgin Voyagers whi....Friday, 30th August, 2002

A few moments at ...... DerbyDon't know why I was in Derby, and why I only had 10 minutes! But still had a few things to see in such a short time.....Friday, 30th August, 2002

D9000 visits IpswichD9000 hauls an extra Anglia service between London Liverpool Street and Norwich....Sunday, 11th August, 2002

The MidlanderMany, many years ago my family and I decided to go out for the day. The railway enthusiasts society organised a day trip from London to the open days at Derby and Crewe. Being over 20 years ago my memory of the day is a little hazy so the accompany....Wednesday, 31st July, 2002

Rail-net Yorkshire tour 2002On Monday 29-07-2002 I decided to do a little whistle stop photographic trip around some bits of the UK....Tuesday, 30th July, 2002

Profile of the Class 66sSome general shed shots.....Saturday, 27th July, 2002

Knebworth Station demolitionMany years ago Knebworth station had some beautiful LNER wooden waiting rooms and toilet facilities. These delightful building were ripped down to make way for ultra modern plastic waiting facilities.
Nowadays the demolition is carried out on a w....
Sunday, 07th July, 2002

Rail GrindersRail Grinders....Sunday, 30th June, 2002

Beechbrook FarmWork on the Channel Tunnel Rail link continues apace now. Most of the ballast work is being hauled by Freightliner owned 66/5's working from the holding are at Beech Brook Farm just outside of Ashford.
The locomotives can be viewed from the roadw....
Sunday, 30th June, 2002

The Potters Bar Rail DisasterOnce again the safety of our railways is brought into disrepute.
The 12:45 WAGN Kings Cross to Kings Lynn Service derailed at Potters Bar Station with fatal results.
8 People lost their lives in this tragic incident.....
Monday, 13th May, 2002

Profile of multiple unitsSome general shots of multiple units from over the years....Saturday, 30th March, 2002

Suffolk VisitA trip over to Suffolk prompted a visit to a couple of old haunts. Firstly Felixstowe docks and Station....and then Ipswich Station.....Monday, 25th March, 2002

Virgin Voyagers at Three BridgesThe changing face of travel sees the demise of the class 47 in favour of more modern and more reliable traction.
EWS has been given the job of daily maintenance of the Virgin Voyager (220) fleet on cross-country services. These views show 220005 a....
Sunday, 19th August, 2001

Arsenal vs TottenhamThree charter trains ran from Finsbury Park to Manchester (1Z90, 1Z91, 1Z92) these views show 1Z91 behind 67026 and 1Z92 behind 90026 passing through Stevenage Old Town at 08:22 and 08:50 respectively on there way to Arsenal's Victory / defeat (delet....Sunday, 08th April, 2001

The Hatfield Rail DisasterLet us not forget that 4 people lost there lives in this tragic accident.
This shot shows one of the many sets of flowers around the crash site.
Saturday, 28th October, 2000

The Spanish InqusitionOn the 1st of July Hertfordshire Railtours ran the "Spanish Inquisition" railtour from Finsbury Park to Plymouth Friary and Carne Point in Devon. Traction for the tour was 67014 from Finsbury Park to Westbury, where 67010 was attached.
The pair m....
Sunday, 02nd July, 2000

The Deltic FenmansDeltics to the Anglian fens.....Thursday, 22nd June, 2000

Shunters R UsShots of shunters from over the years....Wednesday, 07th June, 2000

Class 31 ProfileSome general shots of the Class 31s from over the years....Wednesday, 07th June, 2000

Profile of the class 37sSome general shots of class 37s....Wednesday, 07th June, 2000

66 Freight reversalWhilst working the 6M97 12.42 Wakefield Euro to Wembley yard 66150 had halted at Woolmer Green. Because of Gauge restrictions in the Welwyn North and Hadley Wood tunnels the train was unable to proceed any further. So after waiting for a clear line ....Monday, 15th May, 2000

GNER EurostarOn a very wet Thursday afternoon. I was at Stevenage station hoping to catch the passing 14:30 to York test run of the regional Eurostar. Fortunately it stopped.........Thursday, 20th April, 2000

The Ayr RestorerHertfordhire Railtours Ayr Restorer seen here at Ayr.....Wednesday, 05th April, 2000

The Bluebirds are hereThe (then) latest order of class 66's have arrived at Willesden TMD in North London. These three views show 66701/3/4/5/6 having moved from Newport docks the previous day. GBRf have now increased their fleet to 17 with another 10 on order.....Wednesday, 15th March, 2000

The Royal ScotThe Royal Scott seen here pasing Camden Sidings....Friday, 04th February, 2000

Grice DelticsOn the 8th of November 1997 D9019 pulled the Hertfordshire Railtours West Coast Deltic Pioneer departing from Euston.....Saturday, 08th March, 1997

The Deltic DeliveranceOn the 30th of November 1996 D9000 pulled the Hertfordshire Railtours Deltic Deliverance departing from Edinburgh.
This is a short video I made of that day.....
Saturday, 30th November, 1996

The first run of a 91 and MK IVsAt the start of the Winter timetable in October 1989 the first public service run of a 91 + Mk IV set. The 05:40(?) Leeds - Kings Cross service had been selected as the launch pad for these now ubiquitous ECML trains.....Monday, 02nd October, 1989

Does BR stock fit on the underground??
Yes it does!
The London Regional Transport 'Battery Rover' saw two LUL battery locos, usually used for engineering trains, haul a 5 coach Gatwick Express unit on a route starting at Wimbledon to Strawberry Hill, Richmond, Paddington, Barking, Aldgate East, Earls....Saturday, 01st October, 1988

Blackpool IlluminationsMany years ago British rail used to run "Merrymaker" Specials from London to Blackpool to see the illuminations.
As can bee seen here the station provided some illuminations of its own with the exhaust and steam heat from the stock.
These views....
Wednesday, 05th November, 1980