Knebworth Track Renewals

January - March 2000

Engineering work is carried out all along the length of the ECML.  Between January and March 2000 track possessions were in place, between 18:00 Saturday and 04:00 Monday, operating between Alexandra Palace and Stevenage, with various bit of work going on.  The work in the Knebworth area involved station platform resurfacing and replacement of the northbound slow road which was short length rail on wooden sleepers.  This work was completed at the beginning of March.  The the work looks like it will also involve replacement of the two slips at Woolmer Green which is where the two track bottleneck ends, currently there is substitute point work trackside.

Other work carried out included the replacement of the up fast - down fast reverse crossovers at Hatfield and New Southgate- with thanks to Peter Simons for this information

This work, at Knebworth, was carried out in short sections using a collection of motive power and plant on site from around 22:00 on Saturday night.  Each weekends workings details are detailed below.

Weekend Observations
23-24th January oops missed it!
30-31st January 2000 56033, 66191, 60xxx
Tamper, Ballast Cleaner, Ballast Train
5-6th February 2000 66054
Tamper, Ballast Cleaner, Ballast Train
12-13th February 2000 56037, 56074, 56095
Tamper, Ballast Regulator
19-20th February 37703+716, 58009, 66061(?), 66114
DR76311, Tamper, Ballast Cleaner
26-27th February 66120
DR75201 + DR73424
26-27th March Men and hand tools!!!!!

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