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2003 Crewe Works Photographic Evening
Friday, 30th May, 2003

On May 31st and June 1st Bombardier Transportation of Crewe opened its doors to 10's of thousands of enthusiasts, Its Return of the Legends weekend proved to be a big success with advanced ticket sales for the Saturday along nearing 20,000. The previous evening a special Photographic evening was held allowing for better views of the exhibits and also some movement as the locos were places in their places on the works traverser.
These views show both the works and some comings and goings on the station before and after.

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98000 4965/4936The Great Western kettle convoy arrives at Crewe Station with 4965 leads 4936 before reversing back to the south
98000 48151Also arriving for the works event was steamer 48151
98000 48151Providing a starkly contrasting foreground to the brand new Pendolino, steamer 48151
390020 Virgin CavalierAfter arriving with a northbound training run, New Virgin Pendolino 390020 sits in the centre road.
98000 Left to right - 60800 Green Arrow, 7822, 76076, 3045 bask in the sunshine
87001 StephensonRecently repainted back into BR Blue 87001 sits along side GWR 0-6-0 Tank 7760, waiting its positioning turn
46233 Duchess of SutherlandLMS Workhorses 6233 Duchess of Sutherland and 87001
46035 DRS 37038 sits alongside 46035
67002 Inside the test shop 67002 and 56115
37410 Using the works travelator to get into position, EWS 37410
87001 StephensonIn place for the event 87001
47709 DionysosLNER A4 60009 Union of South Africa sits alongside 47709
37410 The EWS line up
37410 EWS livered 37410
92001 EWS livered 92001
90028 With the works pilot in the background the EWS 90 finishes the EWS livered line up
47798 Prince WilliamThe pride of the EWS fleet, one of a pair of locomotives given the illustrious task of hauling the Royal Train, 47798
40135 Crewe works 2003 ...... 40135 sits at the No2 Diesel test point
40135 Crewe works 1980....... 40135 sits at the No2 Diesel test point
57305 John Tracy57305 drags 90004 on the Lichfield Trent Valley Carlisle portion of 1S84
47778 Duke of Edinburgh's Award47778 Duke of Edinburgh's Award waits at Crewe station prior to crossing to the carriage siding
67019 67019 hauls the 1S81 Bristol Parkway - Shieldmuir RMT service
221102 221 102 passed stationary 221 115
66140 66140 heads north with a coal train
92042 92042 hauls the 6S75 Wembley - Mossend Intermodal service

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