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Doncaster Works 150th Celebrations
Friday, 25th July, 2003

2003 is the 150th anniversary of the Great Northern Railway works at Doncaster. People flocked to the site to view the large number of engines old and new on display ranging from with east coast main line motive power ranging from A4 Pacifics through the Deltics to a class 91.
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55016 Gordon HighlanderD9016 stands in Clapham Shed, after arriving from Alton, to collect the Queen of Scots stock to take to Doncaster
wmv logo 55016 Gordon Highlander
58001 A final spot of paint is applied to the immaculate 58001 at 08:00
89001 Avocet89001 and 91110
85101 85101
86261 86261 and E3035 are shunted into position
56006 The big blue line up of 56006, 55019 and 45112 sit in the early morning sun.
90028 Hertfordshire RailtoursSoon to be named 90028
84001 84001
86261 86261
56006 56006
55019 Royal Highland Fusilier55019
45112 Royal Army Ordnance Corps45112
47316 Cam Peak47316
03000 D2069D2069
00000 The spectacular line up outside the works
08751 08571 undergoing repair in one of the workshops
60800 Green Arrow60800 Green Arrow
00000 A line up of steam locomotives
60009 Union of South AfricaComplete with "The Elizabethan" Headboard - A4 60009
00000 The spectacular line up outside the works
55019 Royal Highland Fusilier2 Generations of plant visitors 55019 and 58001
59001 Yeoman Endeavour2 Generations of General Motors motive power 59001 and 66715
58001 Two 1ers 59001 and 58001
00000 With electric traction at the front and diesel power at the rear, the line up at the plant 150 celebrations

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