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The final days of the Class 56
Saturday, 27th March, 2004

EWS' new chief executive decided on a massive rationalisation of it's locomotive fleet in the beginning of 2003. This has meant the end of many of the older classes of locomotive.  As of 31st March 2004 all Class 56s are to be turned off. This page shows some shots of the last days

Past-time rail's - The Sarum Flyer.
56095 56095 seen moments later passing through Camden Road
56095 56095 seen moments later passing through Camden Road

Pathfinder Tours - The Twilight Grids

A very big thank you to James Mayl for providing me with live gen from the train.

56115 Barry NeedhamAfter getting lost in the town of Barnt Green I was VERY disappointed to hear 56115 thrashing up the Lickey Incline for a good couple of minutes
56115 Barry NeedhamBut the grid made a stop and
youtube logo 56 115quite a clagfull exit.
56115 Barry NeedhamDespite all their best efforts the 56 fans could not make the train fly. Seen here passing Toton.
youtube logo 56 115
56115 Barry NeedhamUpon arrival at York 56115 was detached
56078 Doncaster Enterprise56078 was attached to the south end of the train in preparation for the mini tour of the Pennines
56078 Doncaster EnterpriseThe train is seen her passing Mirfield
youtube logo 56 078
56078 Doncaster Enterpriseand again rounding the curve at Marsden
youtube logo 56 078
56078 Doncaster EnterpriseBack at York
56078 Doncaster Enterprise56078 was detached and run round to couple to the front of 56115
However multiple working problems (upon starting to one loco pushed the other pulled) meant that the pair had to be reversed with 56115 leading.
56115 Barry NeedhamAs seen here at Colton Junction.
youtube logo 56 115Off to Bristol the grids power their way from a stop at Colton Junction

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