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Peaks back on the Midland
Thursday, 08th April, 2004

To mark the temporary closure of the Barlow Train shed at St. Pancras Midland Main Line organised a special Peak hauled working from St. Pancras to Leicester. Because of the lack of run round facilities the train was top and tailed by 47355.
youtube logo 45 112The train is seen here passing through Chiltern Green to the south of Luton

With the 47 having hauled the train into London it was over to the Peak for the northbound duty.
45112 Royal Army Ordnance CorpsWith the Peak at the helm now, en route to Leicester, the working is seen passing at speed through Harpenden
youtube logo 45 112

And now a tale of woe.........

After a very successful morning we arrived at St. Pancras with plenty of time to spare (14:00). Upon arrival we were immediately challenged by station security staff telling us politely that I would be unable to use my tripod on the station concourse for health and safety reasons.  Being a little disappointed at this I asked the security lady if there was anyone I could ask to get permission.  She referred me to the station manager, Jim McCabe. Mr McCabe was very polite but could not grant me permission to use my tripod on the concourse. But told my me he was "happy for me to take video and pictures around the station". This in mind I quite happily stowed my tripod in left luggage and got into position to await the arrival of the peak. About 10 minutes before the train was due to arrive the platform was changed from platform 2 to 3. With this a good number of enthusiast headed (in an orderly manner - no running) in the direction of platform 3. Only to be greeted by closed gates and platform staff saying no addmittance would be allowed to the platform until the passengers had disembarked.
00000 The assembled enthusiasts at St Pancras
This news was not taken well by the assembled mass of (see above picture) around 40 enthusiasts. The gates were firmly closed and, true to their word, no one was allowed onto the platform. Even when it was pointed out that there was a group of photographers at the end of the platform they still would not relent.
Also it was noted that there were a number of tripods set up at the platform end - not impressed.
Sorry Mr McCabe. Very much an own goal, by your staff, for Midland Main Line publicity for what was essentially a publicity stunt aimed at enthusiasts.
youtube logo 45 112A rather shaky, due to lack of a) tripod and b) space to film, video of 45112 arriving at St. Pancras
45112 Royal Army Ordnance Corps45112 arrives form Leicester.
47355 AvocetThe silent co-star of the day Fragonsets 47355 was used to haul the special out of St. Pancras.
47355 AvocetThe silent co-star of the day Fragonsets 47355 was used to haul the special out of St. Pancras.

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