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St Austell
Sunday, 05th October, 2003

A Few moments at St Austell
150265 The Falmouth FlyerA mixed formation of 150 and 153 arrives at St Austell on its way to Plymouth
153377 153377 in Devon and Cornwall tourist colours
67022 67022 sits outside the depot buildings at St Blazey

St Blazey Depot
80363 TPO Coaches at EWS St Blazey
80363 TPO Coaches at EWS St Blazey
67022 67022 moves the evenings royal mail train off the depot
67022 67022 pulls away from the depot and round the curve to the Great Western Main Line
94326 Drawing out towards the main line the evening's travelling post office working for London departs St Blazey

Par Station
67013 67013 runs round the mornings empty TPO train from Plymouth at Par Station
67013 With 66031 arriving in the background with some clay empties 67013 waits to shunts its TPO stock
66031 66031 stands at the head of a china clay train at Par Station
150246 43016 departs as 150246 arrives at Par Station

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