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London in the Snow
Tuesday, 30th November, 2004

When the snow comes down the hour long drive turns into a 5-6 hour nightmare, the roads grind to a halt in grid lock
390025 In the snow 390025 stands at Euston
90007 Keith Harper90007 stands in the light snow at Euston
00000 The snow covered tracks at Euston
12000 Snow covered buffers on the back of a WCML express

Then round the circle line to Paddington
333000 The glow of the repeater adds to the coolness of Paddington
43035 43035's cab chills with the door open to the elements
43020 A warm welcome to 43020 from London Paddington
332008 332008 stands at Paddington after arrival from Heathrow
332008 The Heathrow Express stands at Paddington
168131 165131 stands after a snowy arrival at Paddington
00000 Paddington platforms
166213 166213 stands next to a snow covered brother at Paddington

Then back to Euston
87010 King Arthur87010 stands at Euston after slogging south through the snow
90022 Freight ConnectionA slightly snow topped 90022 couples p to the Caledonian Sleeper
00000 A light dusting of snow on the exit to Euston
87010 King Arthur87010 stands alone at Euston before departing out into the night
90022 Freight Connection90021 stands at the Euston stops after hauling in the sleeper ECS
390000 390 at Euston
150131 Silverlink 150131 stables for the night at Euston after working the St Albans Abbey Branch
390036 390036 stands at Euston
90021 A Virgin Pendolino and 90021 stand at the stops at Euston

The roads didn't do so well!
00000 Nice to know the railways keep running when the Roads grind to a halt - The A1(M) M25 Junction at 00:46 in the morning.

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