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The Scooby Skip and the Mystery Train
Thursday, 30th December, 2004

The EWS Mystery tour train is being used around the network to train drivers. On December the 30th it was Temple Mills Bound.
82146 Running as 1Z05 82146 leads the EWS Managers Mystery tour train south through Knebworth with the Scooby Skip 67029 on the rear

On it's first official working The Scooby Skip and the Mystery Train, or the EWS's Managers Train to give its proper title, worked from London Kings Cross to Doncaster in the morning and then returned in the evening. The train arrived over 30 minutes early at Kings Cross. This train will become a familiar sight in the months to come as it tours round the network.

A big thank you to Mr Howe for his updates during the day.

The morning trip north.
youtube logo 82 146The EWS Managers train ambles slowly north through Stevenage Old Town en route to Doncaster. 82146 leading, 67029 pushing from the rear.

The evening return
youtube logo 67 029The EWS managers train is pushed into Kings Cross by 67029.
67029 After arriving with EWS vim's from Doncaster 67029 stands at the head of the Managers Train
67029 The front view of 67029 shows the unique jumper arrangement. The 67 having been specially modified for this train with TDM remote working equipment
67029 The huge EWS logo dominates the side of 67029
11039 MkIIIA FO 11039 provided the day time travelling accommodation for the train guests
67029 The train is fully equipped for push pull operation as the jumper arrangement here shows
67029 The train is fully equipped for push pull operation as the jumper arrangement here shows
11039 With cameras mounted at both ends the train is equipped with plasma screens so that the guests can see where they are going, or where they have been!
11039 The first open MkIII connects to the restaurant car
10546 The EWS Managers train stands ready to depart into the dark of the Kings Cross tunnels
82146 MkIII and MkIV DVTs at the Kings Cross stops
82146 The EWS Managers train stands at the stops of platform 3, Kings Cross

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