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GWR Diesel Gala
Monday, 27th December, 2004

A trip over to Cheltenham to catch the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's diesel gala.
47105 After the peg dropped 47105 ambles the stock into Toddington
37215 Preparing for the first departure of the day 37215 waits at Toddington
37215 After departing over 15 minutes late 37215 thrashes its way through Hailes towards Cheltenham
youtube logo 37 21537215 thrashes its way through Hailes towards Cheltenham
37215 37215 rolls its way out of Cheltenham Racecourse
youtube logo 37 21537215 rolls its way down the bank out of Cheltenham Racecourse
47376 47376 doubles up with 47105 through Dixton
youtube logo 47 37647376 doubles up with 47105 through Dixton
47375 Slowing to stop at Winchcombe Station 47376 and 105
47105 47105 and 376 arrive at Winchcombe
37324 Clydebridge37324 powers away from its stop at Winchcombe
47376 With a little whiff of clag 376 pulls away at Toddington
24081 The days odd couple - the class 14/24 combo bucket simmer at Toddington
youtube logo 14 000With the odd pairing that only happens at preserved railways the Class 14 and 24 Depart Toddington
47105 47105 is tanked up with water for the steam heat boiler at Toddington
37324 Clydebridge37324 arrives at Toddington
37324 ClydebridgeFrom the road bridge by the station 37324 is seen after arrival from Cheltenham Racecourse
37324 Clydebridge37324 draws off the stock and runs round at Toddington
37324 Clydebridge37324 shunts round the station area to gain access to the yard
47105 47105 awaits departure for Cheltenham Racecourse

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