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The East Ender
Saturday, 05th February, 2005

Chasing Pathfinder tours - East Ender traction fest from Crewe to Southend
37427 Bont Y BermoWith Pathfinder Tours - The East Ender 37427 and 699 pass through Moreton South on their way to Reading
youtube logo 37 427With the 'East Ender' Pathfinder Railtour 37427 and 37669 depart Didcot on their way to Reading for a loco change.
73204 JaniceAfter a loco change at Reading the pair of 37s transform into a Pair of GBRf 73s
youtube logo 73 204Running a little bit late through Earley Jeanette and Janice, aka 73204 and 205, haul the 'East Ender' Railtour into London.
47832 Hauling the Queen of Scots train to the Rugby matches at Cardiff FM Rails 47
60094 Next leg of the Pathfinders East Ender Tour with 60094 at the front, this time at Hockley

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