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Another Suffolk jaunt
Friday, 25th March, 2005

A bit of a location scout on the Felixstowe Branch and a trip to a new location.
57011 Freightliner ChallengerRunning light back to the Freightliner depot at Ipswich 57011 heads through Nacton
153322 153322 arrives at Trimley with the shuttle for Felixstowe Town
57010 Freightliner CrusaderA speck in the landscape, 57011 runs light from the north dock to Ipswich
00000 The Borg decided they needed sponsorship
08531 08531 hides under the container cranes in the north dock
90002 90002 in One rainbow colours arrives at Ipswich
90002 With 156402 in the Background, 90002 arrives at Ipswich
009714 Former Scottish DBSO 9714 arrives in platform 4 at the head of a Norwich express
90011 A former Virgin 90 heads up a London bound one express over the River Stour at Cattawade
321000 A FGE 321 heads north towards Ipswich
90008 90008 crosses the Stour at Cattawade
90008 90008 crosses the Stour at Cattawade

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