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Profile of multiple units
Saturday, 30th March, 2002

Some general shots of multiple units from over the years
143000 A class 143 unit approaches Battersby.
104000 Awaiting their next turn these DMUs simmer in the Blackpool Winter night.
501135 A lone class 501 sits at London's long since disappeared Broad Street station.
309616 Seeing off the Essex Coast Express in style.
00000 BLS DMU tour to colliery.
00000 A Colliery.
00000 A Colliery.
00000 A Colliery.
00000 A Colliery.
00000 A Colliery.
00000 A Colliery.
411319 A south coast service.
00000 Some units wait at Haymarket.
127000 Doncaster works refurbished the newspaper carrying DMUs, M55976 seen in the Crimpsall repair shop.
00000 A Branch Line Society tour to collieries.
00000 Parcels DMUs head south through Woolmer Green.
101000 A Spalding bound service prepares for departure from Peterborough station.
101000 A Badger rail tours arrives at Peterborough Station.
104000 More parcels DMUs for scrapping at Snailwell Yard.
00000 A lone DMU motor coach stands at St Pancras.
101000 With an Ipswich bound service this DMU heads south through Woodbridge.
317359 317359 heads towards Royston, through Letchworth Station.

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