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Basford Hall Night Stuffed Tiger Shoot
Friday, 01st April, 2005

During our last visit to Basford Hall it was decided that a night shoot would be jolly nice. So it was arranged!
Many thanks to the Alton Adventurer for sorting out the visit with those very nice people at Freightliner. A good night out even if he (Jimbo Mayl) couldn't find a McDonalds on an 8 mile cruise of Crewe town!
66514 66514 prepares trains in Basford Hall yard to go out on the weekends engineering workings.
66621 Recent immigrant from GM land 66621 ambles around the yard
86609 86609 stands, for the weekend, in the yard at Crewe
86609 86609 stands, for the weekend, in the yard at Crewe
86609 86609 and 86612 stand at Basford Hall with some engineers trains in the background
66562 Like sheds that pass in the night
66562 66575 and 66562 stand in the yard
66562 66562 is routed to it's correct train
979502 A new long welded train stands at Basford hall
66510 66510 stands silently in the Crewe yard
66622 66622 stands next to twin jib crane 78227
78227 Twin Jib crane 78227 at the end of a weekends renewals train
66510 66510 amidst the wagons at Crewe Basford Hall
00000 Another twin jib crane at Basford Hall
66622 The yard shunter checks the next duty for 66622
86627 A pair of Freightliner 86s 627 and 621 are stabled at Basford Hall
86627 From the now defunct signal box 86627 and a gaggle of Freds can be seen
47279 47279 stored at the back of the yard
90041 Look ma no wires!
66519 66519 on the fueler
90041 The dim glow of the distant lights down the side of 90041

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