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Crewe Drags
Saturday, 02nd April, 2005

Due to the weekly upgrading of the West Coast Main line to 1980s standards the power gets switched off in various places between Crewe and Preston. As a result the electric services tend to get dragged or grind to a halt about a mile after the juice stops. These views show the drags, still under the wires, at Ettiley Heath outside Crewe and some of the goings on to make them happen at Crewe station.
150145 150145 crosses the T&M Canal at Ettiley Heath
57310 Kyrano57310 hauls 390007 towards Crewe
57312 Lady PenelopeThe distinctive pink nameplate of the 57 gives a clue to the identity of the approaching drag loco which is dragging' the Virgin Queen.

158832 158832 rounds the curve from Manchester at Crewe
170103 Turbostar 103 arrives at Crewe

With the power off the Pendolinos need a bit of help getting around. To this end a 57 is attached, these views show the process of mating a Thunderbird to a Pendolino.
57310 KyranoWith it's skirt up 390040 prepares for it's coupling with 57310
57310 KyranoWith it's Deliner coupler in the sticky out position 57310 approaches the Pendolino
57310 KyranoWith it's Deliner coupler in the sticky out position 57310 approaches the Pendolino
57310 KyranoIt's mating season at Crewe
57310 KyranoStopppppppppppppppp
00000 A bit of last minute lever pulling before the joining
00000 They join
57310 KyranoWell that looks done to me
57310 KyranoOn hang on a mo, just let me fiddle with this
57310 KyranoPeople may not like the new trains from Virgin, but a colourful combination like this certainly looks nicer than a BR blue 47 on a blue host would
00000 ohh hang on we've got no power for the shop till
00000 The snake is stuffed back into the hole
00000 The driver checks with the shunter that he's got enough time to make a cup of tea
390040 Virgin PathfinderThe lock is put on the clockwork spring to save energy for later
57310 KyranoLook mum it works!!!
57310 KyranoAnd off we go.
390040 Virgin PathfinderLooks like they didn't put the skirt back properly last time either!

150260 The platform neds fot 150260 as it departs
57301 Scott TracyThrough the roof supports at Crewe 57301 is detached from drag partner 390014
57301 Scott Tracy57301 draws away from it's drag partner

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