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The Solent Syphons
Saturday, 09th April, 2005

A look at the Pathfinder trip to the south!
youtube logo 37 406The tour heads towards Salisbury
60091 The Solent Syhons tour approaches Romsey through Greatbridge Ho
57005 Freightliner ExcellenceBringing up the rear 57005 on the end.
57002 Freightliner PhoenixAfter a wee change of plan at Southampton 57002 now heads up the train as 57005 felt a bit poorly. Number 2 was doing it's best to impersonate a kettle!
youtube logo 57 002Doing it's best to clag out the new forest 57002 passes through Beaulie Road
60091 60091 now on the rear to act as shunt release loco at Weymouth
00000 And although in no way can this be considered a train, it's still hellfire - Whilst we were around the Solent the HS Truman was moored in the Solent. Plenty of Tomcats on deck.

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