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Two hours at Wandsworth Road
Thursday, 28th April, 2005

With a Crompton and former Hastings car doing the rounds on the Southern I couldn't decide where to fot it tho. Never having been there before a trip to Wandsworth Road seemed like a plan. Quite a busy place as all the shots below were taken in the space of 2hours.
375605 375605 heads past Wandsworth Road
66105 Hauling the 4O51 06:50 Ditton to Thamesport (Grain) Intermodal 66105 rumbles through Wandsworth
456007 The 2 car Networker unit 456007 arrives at Wandsworth Road with a London terminus circular
59203 Vale of Pickering59103 hauls the empty Hanson hoppers of the 6V18 Hither Green to Whatley working
375406 Approaching Factory Junction 357406
375406 Approaching Factory Junction 357406 passes 465208 at Wandsworth
375807 Arriving at Wandsworth Road 375807
375807 Dropping down towards Stewarts Lane 375807
375629 With a Victoria bound working 375629
456007 Returning from London Victoria to London Bridge 465007
373015 Slowing for the arrival at Waterloo Eurostar set 3015 passes Wandsworth Road
373015 Rounding the curves at Factory Junction before the arrival at Waterloo Eurostar set 3015 passes Wandsworth Road
60005 BP Gas AvonmouthWith 6V60 Angerstein to Margam 60005 rumbles through Wandsworth Road
66713 Forest CityWith the slightly late running 4E19 Mountfield to West Burton power station empty gypsum containers GBRf 66713 passes through Wandsworth Road
456007 456007 pauses at Wandsworth Road
456017 456017 slows for a stop at Wandsworth Road
373018 Well it was only doing 30mph, but it did seem to be going faster
92008 Jules VerneDyson number 8 approaches Wandsworth Road with the 6B53 Wembley to Dollands Moor, and then on to Cologne Enterprise working
33103 Swordfish33103 heads up a former Hastings car inspection saloon round trip of Kent
975025 CarolineA former Hastings DEMU vehicle, now converted into an inspection Saloon passes through Wandsworth Road behind 33103
423587 4-VEP 3587 returns country bound through Wandsworth Road
373018 A classic Wandsworth Road shot of a Eurostar winding its way into London Waterloo
373018 Dwarfed under the former power station at Battersea 373018 heads to meet its Waterloo
975025 Caroline33103 pushes Hastings Inspection, and driving, car 975025 through Wandsworth Road
423491 Old and new southern multiple units pass near Factory Junction, 375708 in the background and VEP 3491 in the foreground

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