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Suffolk Ramblings
Friday, 29th April, 2005

After the previous days trip to south London the 33 and Saloon visited Norfolk and Suffolk, so I had to get a shot of it on the Anglia branch
975025 CarolineLeading the Crompton through the Suffolk countryside 975025 'Caroline' approaches Weston Crossing
975025 CarolineCaroline approaches Harwich Town
975025 CarolineCaroline approaches Harwich Town
33103 SwordfishAnd with a puff of clag 33103 heads back towards Manningtree
33103 SwordfishOff back to Colchester to deposit the VIPs
975025 CarolineI think we've seen this bit already, but it was going the other way.
975025 CarolineThere is a 33 making the clag behind the inspection saloon

And once the 33 was over and done with a wee trip over to Felixstowe
66540 66540 prepares to depart with the 4E50 Felixstowe South-Leeds intermodal
66502 66502 accelerates away from a signal check towards Trimley
66502 Powering away from Trimley 66502 heads towards Ipswich
66502 With the 6A53 paper train to Harwich 66157 starts off on it's 40 mile journey to travel 5 miles to Harwich!

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