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Grid bashing on the NVR
Monday, 02nd May, 2005

With the release back into traffic of 56057 British Fuels I decided to pay a return visit to the Nene Valley Railway and get some shots of the beastie in action, oh and have a ride too.
Ok it's a kettle but I was checking out locations and that's the excuse I will stick to
131309 MayflowerLNER B1 kettle thing works the first train of the day

Normal service has now be resumed!
56057 British FuelsFreshly repainted in large logo 56057 heads towards Peterborough on the Nene Valley Railway
56057 British FuelsReady to depart from Peterborough the 56 gleams in the sun
56057 British FuelsPowering away from Peterborough with the 12:40 for Wansford 56057 passes the foot crossing
56057 British Fuels56057 runs round the train at Wansford
56057 British Fuels56057 departs from Wansford
56057 British FuelsArriving back over the River Nene 56057 slows for its arrival at Wansford
56057 British FuelsGetting ready for then 16:20 departure 56057 runs round the stock at Wansford

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