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Lickey Charters
Saturday, 04th June, 2005

40 up the Lickey, couldn't really miss that!
The Class 40 Preservation Society in association with Pathfinder Tours ran a wee excursion from Bristol to Holyhead and back.
40145 40145 climbs the Lickey Incline, approaching Vigo Bridge

About an hour later there was a 47 top and tailed tour also heading for Hollyhead (Well sadly it had a kettle attached at Crewe)
Many thanks to Jason Cross for pointing out the new location.
47851 Struggling up the grade 47851 passes Pike Pool Lane on its way up the Lickey.
The train took a full 45 seconds to cover it's own length. The driver was looking very perplexed and just shrugging his shoulders at the assembled fotters!
47826 SpringburnDoing nothing to help the ailing 851 47826 sits on the rear of the train.
This shot was taken almost 3 minutes after the train came into view.

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