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Off for a sleep
Thursday, 16th June, 2005

Since the rumours started that the class 37s were due to be replaced with class 67s first surfaced in 2004 I felt it was time to actually ride on the sleeper, never having done it before. The West Highland line is one of the more scenic journeys in the United Kingdom and to have a class 37 on the front just adds icing to the cake.
The journey did not start well. 90038 failed at Watford and delayed the train over an hour whilst 90021 and 27 set back from their northbound light loco move and were attached to the train. These locos hauled the train to Crewe were the triple header was detached and 90040 was substituted. Of course the latter of this happened whilst I was asleep and all I knew of 90040 was after I woke up before Edinburgh, two and a half hours late!
37416 Mucho claggo from 416 after pulling away from the signal
37416 Almost ready for the off

Not satisfied with being late already 37416 decided to throw a real spanner in the works but losing power at every opportunity.
37416 With a bit of tinkering 37416 springs back into life for now.
37416 As is traditional with any West Highland line bash a shot out the window should be obtained, for this purpose I used Monessie George
37417 After 37416s dismal performance on the Fort William portion 37417 was sent light loco from Motherwell to bring the evenings train back to Edinburgh and tow 416 back to Motherwell for some much needed attention, seen here pausing at Bridge of Orchy
156492 The last sprinter of the day heads towards Glasgow at it climbs to County March Summit
66107 With the 6Y16 'Alcan' service 66107 slows for a RETB token exchange at Bridge of Orchy
66107 After rounding the Horseshoe Curve 66107 powers up towards County March Summit
After this point the infamous Scottish midges (latin name smalluspaininthearseus) started to come out to play, thanks to them I now have arms like a spotty teenagers face!

Forget sunscreen - use midge repellent!

Day 2
Having done the inward sleeper it was now time to get a shot or two of the inward sleeper.
37401 The Royal ScotsmanWith the 1Y11 morning sleeper 37401 ambles through Glen Falloch
37401 The Royal ScotsmanNot quite making it to the right location before 401 departs
00000 Taking the tourist route from Inverness to Fort William you run along the length of Loch Ness, I'm sure there is a monster in there somewhere!
00000 Woo woo, chhuff thing shunting at Fort William
37401 The Royal ScotsmanA pause at Garelochhead as 401 heads us back to Edinburgh

And the job of getting my home to England fell to GNER livered 90024, the first of which I knew about was from a gen report of the train passing Northampton from Les Pitcher
90024 And finally we arrive back at Euston

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