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Chasing the DRS Serco Vol 1 and 2
Wednesday, 13th July, 2005

With a the appearence of proper traction on the Serco test train the opportunity couldn't be missed. Even if it meant a 150 mile round trip in the middle of the night. But it was worth it just to hear the 37s wake up High Wycombe at 00:30 in the morning.
37608 Pausing during the evenings runs 37608 waits on the rear of the Serco test train
37608 37608 at High Wycombe

Day 2 - Well later the same day... and another pair top and tailing a Serco train.
37610 The MALCOM GroupRunning a few hours later than planned 37610 heads the north bound 1Z14 Euston to Derby RTC Serco test train through South Kenton

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