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Last flight of the EDs
Thursday, 28th July, 2005

After many years of sterling service on the Gatwick Express workings from London it was finally time to retire the class 73s from daily duties. Having been replaced by the Class 460 Darth Vader EMUs the nice people at Gatwick Express decided to give the old girls one last fling, and a ride had to be done.
73208 On the southern end of the formation, for this occasion it was top and tailed, 73208
73208 The Gatwick Express logo on the side of 73208
00000 International travel and rail Photographer Paul Bigland snaps away at the staff and dignitaries
00000 One of the many Gatwick Express managers on the train, Martin Dawson poses in the Vestibule.
00000 A full first class coach with industry members and no air passengers what so ever!
00000 Local BBC news interviews some of the train passengers about the experience
460003 No one really noticed the 460 pulling out
73202 Dave Berry73202 awaits the return to Victoria
00000 Dave Berry poses by his locomotive

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