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Preparing for the Cab it weekend
Thursday, 10th November, 2005

The National Railway Museum in York held a 'Cab it' event over the weekend of the 12/13th of November. A large numer of old and modern exhibits were taken to the show including a couple of surprise repaints.
Cotswold HST power car 43087 recieved a surprise repaint into the colours of model railway manufacturer Hornby! 87001 got a sprucing up to better than new condition.
43000 The Chief Engineers New Measurement train stands opposite the platform at Derby Station
43070 Newly repainted Cotswold Rail Power car 43070 stands, with the NMT, opposite Derby Station
43087 Colourfully repainted into 'Hornby' colours

Another repaint, althought this time just back into the same colours, was 87001. The staff at Alstom Wembley turned out a loco that looked just as good as it did the day it was built.
87001 Royal ScotAn Alstom fitter put the finishing touches to 87001s bogie paint work
87001 Royal ScotCab shot of 87001
87001 Royal ScotAfter the repainting the tops series numbers were reapplied
87001 Royal ScotCarefully does it
87001 Royal ScotOnce more 87001 bears it's number with pride
87001 Royal ScotNo lever left unpainted no buffer left unpolished
87001 Royal ScotReapplying the BR double arrow
87001 Royal ScotThe last vynil is applied and 87001 is ready to roll
87001 StevensonOutside the traincare depot 87001Stevenson gleams like a new pin
87001 Royal ScotDouble identidity 87001 Royal Scot stands at the Willesden Carriage Shed South box awaiting paperwork clearances
87001 StevensonWith class mate 87019 in the fore ground 87001 stands at Willesden Carriage Shed South
87001 StevensonWillesden Carriage Shed South and 87001
87001 Royal Scot87001 heads up the ECML through Welwyn North
87001 Royal Scot87001 heads up the ECML through Welwyn North
87001 Royal ScotIn the passing loops at Holme Green 87001 pause on its way up the ECML to its final resting place with in the National Collection at the York National Railway Museum
47813 Shunting around the NRM annex with 47813 providing the power.
87001 Royal Scot87001 stands in position in the NRM annex with a Deltic and 31 in the background

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