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The 2005 Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Diesel Gala
Tuesday, 27th December, 2005

The best way to do cold turkey, go to a Diesel Gala. And the G&WR do the right thing and put one on just after Christmas
47105 Simmering away at Toddington 47105 pre heats the stock for the first departure of the morning
37324 ClydebridgeFirst bit of thrash for the morning, the 37s pass through Hailes towards Cheltenham
37215 37215 leads 37324 back to Toddington rounding the curve away from Cheltenham Racecourse
47376 The pair of Spoons take the second train of the day down into the Dixton Cutting
00000 Richard THaving found his new best friend Richard T tries to persuade the equine shot spoiler to depart
47376 Having a double run round at Cheltenham Racecourse 47376 once again leads the train into Dixton Cutting

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