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Some aerial views
Sunday, 26th October, 2014

A general collection of aerial views shot using DJI Equipment DJI Phantom, F450, F550 and a Go Pro camera.
Updated 26th October 2014

I would seem to have a thing of the Digswell Viaduct, aorry about that it is local.
60163 TornadoNew Build A1 Tornado is seen crossing the Digswell Viaduct
34067 TangmereTangmere pauses at Stevenage Station
43000 An East Coast HST departs from Stevenage Station
43000 The New Measurement Train checks the Hertford Loop on the approach to Watton-at-Stone
180000 A First Hull Trains 180 heads south over the Digswell Viaduct
60163 Tornado60163 heads for Sailsbury under the familure lines of the Battledown Flyover with a Cathedrals Express
00000 An unfinished panoramic view of the East Coast Main Line and the Hitchin Grade Separation. Made up of 5 images the view looks out from Hitchin on the right, through Cadwell and up towards Arlesey to the north and to the left.
00000 A Panoramic view of the Hitchin Grade Separation, looking south east. This view was dontated to the Hitchin Alliance and Network Rail. It's sale as a charity print raised over 150 for local charities and it has appeared in numerous railway publications.
60019 A4 4464 'Bittern' Accelerates away from a stop at Digswell Junction and crosses the viaduct with a 'Cathedrals Express' Tour to Scotland.
313000 An unidentified pair of FCC 313s head south over the Digswell Viaduct.
67005 Queens Messenger67005 heads the UK Railtours 'Ship of the Fens' Railtour across the Down Cambridge Flyover on it's way to Ely.
60075 60075 crosses the Nene at Lynches Bridge during the 2014 spring diesel gala.
37324 Clydebridge37324 Clydebridge crosses Lynches Bridge over the river Nene during the May 2014 diesel gala.
90039 90039 heads the southbound Caledonian Sleeper over Digswell Viaduct on the last section of the trains journey from Fort William.
youtube logo 90 03590035 leads the diverted 1M11 Glasgow to London Euston sleeper over Digswell Viaduct.
Shot using a DJI F550 and Zenmuse H3-3D with Go Pro Hero 3, there is no useful audio for this video.
youtube logo 67 02067020 leading a Serco test train formed of 99666, 72630, 72631 and 6263 with 67003 in Arriva Blue on the tail. This was a Derby to Derby working via Doncaster and Kings Cross. Shot using an F550 and Zenmuse H3-3D on quite a blustery day.
60009 Union of South Africa60009 Crosses Digswell Viaduct hauling the Jubilee Requiem north towards Newcastle catching the first rays of the morning sun.
47746 47746 on the tail end 'The Robin Hood' charter to Lincoln crossing Welland Viaduct, Harringworth. This was the first steam hauled special to use the refurbished St Pancras International Station since it was rebuilt. 46115 is on the front.
youtube logo 60 00960009 Crosses Digswell Viaduct hauling the Jubilee Requiem north towards Newcastle catching the first rays of the morning sun. This video has no audio.

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