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An afternoon at Cambridge, back in 1988
Thursday, 03rd September, 2015

A trip up to Cambridge station to see the new wires going up and catch some of, what was then, mundane goings on.
47581 Great Eastern47581 Great Eastern prepares to depart from Cambridge
08715 08715 shunts E80794 around Cambridge sidings
00000 A couple of multiple units await their next turn at in the northern bays at Cambridge.
47631 47631 shunts parcel stock at Cambridge
00000 An Express Parcels unit is loaded at Cambridge
86000 Testing the Cambridge Overhead supplies a lone 86 stands in the yard. There is also a load bank, behind the signal, in the shape of former class 84 - ADB968021 (ex 84009/E3044) - the cab of which survives in the care of the AC Locomotive Group.
150138 A loan 86 stands alongside 150138 at Cambridge

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