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A few moments at Welwyn North
Monday, 21st March, 2016

Out for an IEP move that I failed technicall but still managed a shot of 66724
youtube logo 66 72466724 "Drax Power Station" powers through Welwyn North, after a pathing stop at Digswell junciton, with 6L36 Hoo Junction to Whitemoor Engineers working. Of note was a pair of Kirlow Cranes at the back of the consist.

Don't usually include the failures but it was my first shot of a 5 car IEP under it's own power so just to prove it doesn't go right all the time...
youtube logo 800 0025 Car IEP 800002 heads from North Pole IEP to Old Dalby during the night of 21st March seen here in the filed attempt due to focus hunting. Ah well you can't win them all.

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