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A foggy night on the ECML
Thursday, 27th October, 2016

A collection of moves early in the morning on the East Coast Main Line
youtube logo 66 70466704 hauls a first generation Eurostar on it's final journey to the scrap yard at Kingsbury. These 20+ Year old trains are being scrapped as they are both too long and to complicated to be reused elsewhere on the network.
youtube logo 800 101Firstly we see a Eurostar heading for scrap at Kingsbury passing the new IEP. Then we see veteran GN unit 313039 departing Stevenage. Then the Azuma departs bang (wrong) road and crosses to the down line to head back to the factory in Darlington.
youtube logo 66 57166571 disturbs the fog with a Diverted, from the Hertford Loop, London Gateway to Leeds intermodal

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