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The Midlander
Wednesday, 31st July, 2002

Many, many years ago my family and I decided to go out for the day. The railway enthusiasts society organised a day trip from London to the open days at Derby and Crewe. Being over 20 years ago my memory of the day is a little hazy so the accompanying text is a bit vague, sorry.
43000 Freshly built but not yet painted HST power car
25000 A class 25 and 45 pose at Derby Works open day
975089 Lab 5 - TRIM975089 & 975090 - Lab 5 TRIM Unit waits in the Railway Technical Centre yard
975874 LEV1Experimental Leyland Rail bus LEV1 at the Derby RTC
41001 The class 41 experimental HST power cars
43000 Two HSTs pass on the Midland Main Line.
43000 A engine awaits placing in a HST power car at Derby Works.
370005 APT power car 490005 at Derby Works
370005 APT Wheel sets at Derby works.
43000 Prior to fitting out and attaching to the main power car this HST cab was open to visitors.
20000 A number of class 20s awaiting their next duties at Derby Etches Park.
47000 Where is all began, that's me in the cab!

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