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GNER Eurostar
Thursday, 20th April, 2000

On a very wet Thursday afternoon. I was at Stevenage station hoping to catch the passing 14:30 to York test run of the regional Eurostar. Fortunately it stopped.....
373301 373301 Arrives at Stevenage Station in the pouring rain.
373301 The GNER Livered unit pulls up just outside the platform length, they are quite long
373301 The driver looks back
373301 The driver looks back
373301 The train is a few meters longer than the platforms at Stevenage Station
373301 Looking north towards Hitchin
373301 It's really wet!
373301 The all important David Hart pantograph shot
373301 A southbound GNER working arrives at Stevenage
373301 A southbound WAGN working arrives at Stevenage
373302 Off into the distance
00000 Off into the distance

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