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The Royal Train
Friday, 27th September, 2002

Many thanks must go to EWS personnel and British Transport Police without their help these taking pictures would not have been possible.
00000 HRH Prince Charles leaves Cambridge after arriving on the 1Z03 Lairg to Cambridge service, en route to Duxford to meet with former American president George Bush snr.
47799 Prince Henry47799 Prince Henry leads the formation
002921 Staff saloon 2921
002922 Sleeping car 2922
00000 Hats are, of course, the order of the day
00000 Royal Crests along the train
00000 Former BR MkIII
00000 Former BR MkIII
47799 Prince HenryPrince Henry waits to depart
47798 Prince WilliamPrince William bringing up the rear of the formation
47798 Prince WilliamPrince William tails the formation on departure from Cambridge

Later that day
47798 Prince WilliamLater that day 47798 Prince William leads the formation, with much clag!, out of Wembley yard heading back to Wolverton
47799 Prince HenryPrince Henry bringing up the rear en route to Wolverton

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