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66 Freight reversal
Monday, 15th May, 2000

Whilst working the 6M97 12.42 Wakefield Euro to Wembley yard 66150 had halted at Woolmer Green. Because of Gauge restrictions in the Welwyn North and Hadley Wood tunnels the train was unable to proceed any further. So after waiting for a clear line the train was reversed (at about 5-10mph) all the way to Langley Junction just over 2 miles. The train was running 87 minutes late by the time it left Langley Junction.
00000 Surprisingly for a passing train this is the first shot in the sequence
00000 and the second
00000 the third
66150 and lo the loco appears
66150 Awaiting its correct path on to the Hertford Loop
66150 The train departs
00000 Wagons in the consists

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