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The Nene Valley Rambler
Sunday, 06th April, 2003

The following clips and pictures were taken as I observed the Watercress line "Nene Valley Rambler" rail tour around Hertfordshire.
wmv logo 73096 Standard class 5 - 73096 arrives at a watering stop at Hertford North and is then seen running parallel to the Hertford road between Watton at Stone and Stevenage.
Later in the day 73096 had to be hauled because in the morning it had apparently set fire to line side vegetation near Peterborough. This was later found out to have been caused by youths and not the steam engine. But the decision had already been made so the kettle was replaced by the class 31s.
wmv logo 31452 31452/459 hauling the Std. 5 are seen here passing through Stevenage

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