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The Mid Hants Diesel Gala - 2004
Saturday, 22nd May, 2004

The annual Trainspotters Ball was held over the three days, 21st-23rd, on the Mid Hants Railway in Hampshire. Plenty of movement to keep the enthusiasts and a few unexpected changes to the roster made for a quite interesting day.

Thanks to the MHR staff for access and to James Mayl for a guided tour.
50044 D444 arrives light engine from Ropley
50044 D444 clags nicely as it takes the 09:36 departure to Alresford.
youtube logo 50 044Amidst much clag D444 departs Alton for Alresford.
47355 AvocetThen Fragonset locos 47355 and 33021 reverse on to some more stock.
47355 Avocet47355 makes a suitably claggy departure.
45060 Sherwood Forester45060 Sherwood Forester (mk1) arrives at Alton.
45060 Sherwood Forester45060 MkII descending towards Medstead through the woods in Four Marks
youtube logo 45 06045060 coasts down the bank at Four Marks into Medstead.
00000 A Network Rail Stone blower at Medstead
45060 Sherwood Forester45060 after arriving at Medstead
50044 D444 climbs into Medstead station.
33103 Swordfish33103 passes through Soldridge.
50044 D444 climbs through Soldridge towards Medstead.
73205 After failing upon arrival at Alton a disgraced 73205 stands at Ropley.
205025 New arrival 205025 pulls into the sidings at Ropley.
50044 D444 arrives at Ropley station.
33108 D6593 leads Fragonset 33108 past Signal House.
117721 The MHRs Class 117 DMU 721 passes Signal House en route to Ropley
47355 AvocetThe MHR Chairman passes the token to the Fragonset driver for the section to Medstead.
73134 Long term prisoners at MOD Shoeburyness 73134 and 104 arrive at Alton.
73104 The paint work looking very worse for wear, but I'm sure that will be sorted in good time.
73139 The 73/33 triple header descend through Soldridge.
youtube logo 73 139The 73/33 triple header descend through Soldridge.
youtube logo 47 355The Fragonset pair powering their way up the bank towards Medstead.
47355 AvocetD444 coasts down the bank towards Ropley

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