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Shunters R Us
Wednesday, 07th June, 2000

Shots of shunters from over the years
03012 03012 at Snailwell
03179 03179 at Ipswich Yard
03066 03066 at Gateshead
03175 03175 + 08522 having seen better days at Snailwell
08885 08885 at "The Plant"
08000 Marylebone pilot's shunts 4468 Sir Nigel Gresley
08495 BurtHitchin Yards Pilot "Burt"
10000 D3489 Col TomlineEx Felixstowe Dock D3489, Colonel Tomline, after Col George Tomline founder of the dock company. Stored at Stratford after an overhaul at the TMD. Loco now working on the Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge Wells.

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