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Friday, 09th July, 2004

A few steam specials all in one place made a weekend that couldn't really be missed. Firstly, a visit to Hampshire to catch some Southern steam and then up north for some LMS Steam, quite a day with some proper traction thrown in too! For some more pictures see my partner in crimes website - James Mayl's ukrailpics.com
Then the next day Bullied Tangmere past the front door with a special to and from Scarcorough.
450095 Desiro 450095 rushes east towards Basingstoke
00000 Take heed
221118 221 got your number 118
442000 A SWT 442 heads west
67020 67020 brings up the rear of the Serco test train on a southern region south west tour.
youtube logo 73 096Standard 5 73096 on a west bound Sunny South working
66124 66124 heads towards Southampton with an EWS Intermodal working
442000 A SWT 442 heads into Basingstoke
159000 A SWT 159 passes a SWT 170
221000 With a cross country working a Virgin Voyager
442000 An east bound 442
youtube logo 47 145With a 'Very Special Trains' ECS move to Poole 47145 top and tails with 47709

With the mornings events finished at Worting Junction, it was time to head over to the West Coast Main Line to catch the afternoons special event.
390000 Someone's gone all beastie boys on this Virgin Pendolino!
87027 Wolf of BadenochA fading breed, Virgin 87 brings up the rear of a Euston bound service
youtube logo 00 000Duchess of Sutherland steams her way north through Apsley with the last steam hauled working from London Euston

Saturday 10th July
Tangmere on the Linconshire Coast Express to Scarborough.

34067 TangmereUn-rebuilt Bullied Pacific 34067 Tangmere ambles north through Biggleswade
youtube logo 34 067Tangmere pottering across the Bedfordshire fields near Biggleswade

later that day the return journey here passing south through Woolmer Green.
34067 TangmereTangmere heads south through Woolmer Green
34067 TangmereTangmere heads south through Woolmer Green
youtube logo 34 067Tangmere crosses the fields through Woolmer Green

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