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Thursday, 14th August, 2003

Freightliner stronghold Ipswich has plenty of green to be seen. And now the class 90 is becoming the new order on Anglia Railways services.
66541 66541 cruises though the station
57001 Freightliner PioneerFreight power old and new 47, 57, 66
321319 FGE 321 319 pauses en route to Liverpool Street with class mate 442 in the opposite platform
57001 Freightliner PioneerFreightliner Pioneer gives some clag as it starts up
47370 Andrew A HodgkinsonTucked up right at the buffers 47370 Andrew A Hodgkinson sits and waits
90041 90041 pushes in a Norwich bound express
90041 Paused at Ipswich, 90041
86246 Royal Anglian RegimentPausing at Ipswich 86246
86246 Royal Anglian RegimentInto the Ipswich Tunnel 86246 continues its journey to London
66713 Gleaming nicely in the afternoon sun hired help 66715 and 713 wait their next turn at Ipswich
86430 After being released from their train the pair of 86s move up to the signal

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