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Day 2 - Sharnbrook
Tuesday, 24th August, 2004

Day two of the tour and with the news the previous day that the departmental Class 309 units would be moving from Old Dalby to store at Shoeburryness and 1Z18 Serco test train with top and tail 37s would be running down the Midland Main Line I made my way to the Sharnbrook area to catch them.
43000 A Midland Main Line HST heads towards Bedford
37669 37669 and 37698 top and tail the Serco test train through Sharnbrook
43000 A Midland main line HST set mostly in the new colours passes Sharnbrook
43000 Somewhat spoiling the look of the MML set an old style power car tails the formation
75301 Grant rail tamper 75301 takes the freight only summit avoiding line
222000 A south bound Meridian
67010 67010 leads the 1Z18 Old Dalby to Shoeburyness move. The pair of former class 309s in tow were being used to test new signal systems on the Old Dalby test track
960102 Now numbered 960102 with 960101 in front the former 309s head to storage at Shoeburyness

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