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The Hatfield Rail Disaster
Saturday, 28th October, 2000

Let us not forget that 4 people lost there lives in this tragic accident.
This shot shows one of the many sets of flowers around the crash site.

Hatfield Station and the scene

On Tuesday October 17th the 12:10 Kings Cross to Leeds (1D38) Service came to grief a few hundred yards south of Hatfield Station.
This page is of pictures taken on Monday 23rd showing the recovery operation in action.

Saturday, 28th October, 2000
Lifting out the Buffet Car

This page is of pictures taken on Friday 3rd November showing the Lifting of the Buffet car from the rails at Hatfield Station.

Saturday, 28th October, 2000
Renewal and Repairs

With all but the buffet car removed from the crash site rebuilding the East Coast Main Line began in earnest on Saturday night. On Sunday morning there were 10 Class 66 on various duties around the site. The Jarvis track renewal train had been drafted in from the West Coast Route Modernization to speed up the process. The following images document what is going on.

Monday, 06th November, 2000

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