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The MacCookie tour to Hooversville
Friday, 04th March, 2005

Pathfinder tours little jaunt around the West Highlands, would have been rude to ignore that!

The MacCookie tour - Day 1

Day 0 and Day 1 to be precise. The Tour started off at Euston with the easiest way to get to Scotland by car - get a friend to drive it up whilst you get the sleeper. Thanks Phil

Friday, 04th March, 2005
The MacCookie tour - Day 2

Day 2
Aftter an evening enjoying the delights of Fort Willam, and a couple of ales with Scott Borthwick we got up for a trip to Malaig and back (and back)

Saturday, 05th March, 2005
The MacCookie tour - Day 3

Last day, day 3. And the promise of some serious thrash awaited us at Monessie Gorge

Sunday, 06th March, 2005

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