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MacCookie Tour 2005 - II
Saturday, 06th August, 2005

Missing the rolling scenery of Scotland, oh and a bunch of crank tours in the area a trip to the West Highlands was planned. The usual suspect of MacBuddy Ewan 'you really need to learn to drive' Tait tagged along from the ride and provided valuable cookie sustenance along the way.
Inspired by Scott B's Rannoch moors shots the first stop was Rannoch, then back out on to the Mallaig line for some classic location shots of hills, sun and traction. My lordz!


After a quite long drive from London to the middle of nowhere, and a brief nights kip at the Moor of Rannoch Hotel. When I threw open the curtains to the splendid views of Rannoch moor I was somewhat disturbed my the 'snow storm' of midges and suspected the worst. Fortunately they disappeared by the time we got outside. So off over the moor to the north side of the viaduct to catch 1Y11 on its way to Fort William.

Saturday, 06th August, 2005

With the SRPS tour long gone it was time to revisit the Mallaig line for the Royal Scotsman.

Sunday, 07th August, 2005

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