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The 2003 North Yorkshire Moors Diesel Gala
Monday, 12th April, 2004

Videos from the weekend
wmv logo 37038 37038 top and tails the 11:20 service to Grosmont with 37197 seen here at Newbridge.
youtube logo 57 30657306 heads across Fen Bog at the Goathland summit of the line
youtube logo 66 56666566 leads the 10:20 service out of Pickering
wmv logo 37717 Following problems with 56114, 37717 hauls the 08:50 morning service to Pickering out of Beck Hole
youtube logo 47 292 47292 top and tails with 57306 whilst heading south with the 14:50 Grosmont - Pickering service crossing Moorgates
wmv logo 37717 37717 heads north on the evening service towards Grosmont with 45113 on the rear
youtube logo 57 30657306 makes light work of this Grosmont Bound Service

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