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The 2004 North Yorkshire Moors Diesel Gala
Saturday - Grosmont Depot
Saturday, 24th April, 2004

As with all good galas the day ends with some refreshments in the local tavern in the evening and then begins again at 06:30 to get those all important sunrise glint shots.
00000 On the entrance to Grosmont Depot the original North Eastern railway sign has been erected. I think the fine nowadays for trespassing is somewhat more than 40 shillings as I suspect
00000 A bit of obscure on track plant on display. A Norwegian manual powered rail inspection vehicle.
45133 45133 sits under the coaling stage at Grosmont Depot with 76079 parked by the shed.
45133 A portrait shot of 45133 under the coaling stage.
50027 LionTechnically three class 50s were on the Moors. 50027 'Lion' was parked round the back of the depot under tarpaulins.
44004 Great Gable44004 'Great Gable'
44004 Great GableFrom the trackside we see 44004, D4018, 50007 and 50033
45133 Sunrise over Grosmont Depot and 45133
50007 Sir Edward ElgarThe 50s parked up.
00000 The Grosmont approach semaphore.
00000 A general view of the Grosmont head shunt
00000 Bit of early morning dew in front of a steamer.
37261 The nose of 37261
00000 A little bit of Gresley
45133 The peak receives a bit of a wash and scrub prior to it's mornings work
00000 I may have been the first photographer on the depot that day, but I certainly wasn't the last. James Covell gets some morning images in for Diesel Power.

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