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The 2004 North Yorkshire Moors Diesel Gala
Saturday, 24th April, 2004

50007 Sir Edward ElgarFirst shot of the morning. Double 50s over Moorgates with the 09:50 Grosmont - Pickering.
youtube logo 50 007
50007 Sir Edward ElgarDown to Pickering to watch 50007 run round leaving, as this 11:20 departure shot shows, 50033 on the back.
50033 GloriousIt would have been rude not to have a ride. The pair of 50s, this time with 033 leading 007, head towards Pickering with the 13:50 departure.
25000 D7628After bailing out at Newtondale Halt we waited for the 14:20 Pickering - Grosmont "Moorlander" noshex service to arrive. Seen here with D7628 leading.
wmv logo 37261 The pair of 37s (261 and 197) lead the Yorfalls Wood heading for Pickering.
44004 Great GableShortly after 44004 passes the same spot, Grosmont Bound.
youtube logo 44 00444004 rumbles through Yorfalls Wood

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