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The Easter Highlander
Sunday, 16th April, 2006

47712 ArtemisWith 47712 on the front and 703 on the tail the Blue (ish) Pullman crosses the causeway at Fern Lodge on it's way to the far north.
47712 ArtemisCrossing Invershin viaduct 47712 scares the birds
47712 ArtemisThe tour pauses at Rogart Station
47712 Artemis47712 at Georgemas Junction, about as close as the train is going to get to Wick because of '709s problems earlier delaying the train.
47703 Hermies47703 at Georgemas Junction
47703 Hermies47703 makes it's debut as 2006's most northerly spoon in the train shed at Thurso
00000 T31 FRLFM Rails support L200 makes it all the way up to Thurso
47712 ArtemisWith the Atlantic Ocean in the background, 47712 stands at Thurso
47703 HermiesCatching the setting sun at Meall a Bhealaich 47703 speeds south
47703 HermiesThe Blue Pullman passes the sea at Kilmote
47703 Hermies47703 approaches Brora, passing Dalchalm
47703 Hermies47703 rounds the curve at Mound Rock

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