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The Getting Wet Round Britian tour
Day 4 - Checking the line
Thursday, 26th August, 2004

In preparation for the coming class 40 tour to Kyle, Ewan and I decided to go check out some locations along the line to Perth
66113 66113 pulls away from Greenhill Lower Junction with the 6A30 Mossend to Aberdeen Intermodal working, somewhat lightly loaded today
67004 Post HasteWith the 5D03 Aberdeen to Mossend Vans 67004 Post Haste crosses the lines at Greenhill
67004 Post HasteRounding the curve towards Cumbernauld 67004 heads south
37421 EWS 37421 leads 37416 in Royal Scotsman colours towards Thornton Yard with the 6Z67 MGR Empties from Millerhill
66618 Railways Illustrated<br>Annual Photographic AwardsWith the 6B32 Aberdeen to Oxwellmains cement Empties 66618 ambles south through Greenloaning

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