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The Getting Wet Round Britian tour
Day 5 and 6 - Chasing the 'Northern Lights'
Friday, 27th August, 2004

The Class 40 Preservation soceity ran a railtour from Birmingham to The Kyle of Lochalsh. The first leg of the tour was hauled by 50031 to Preston. From there 40145 took over. Unfortunatley 145 suffered turbo problems and had to be taken off the train at Carisle. A 66 took the train forward to Motherwell where 2 class 37s took over.

Road Trip buddy for the tour Ewan Tait's pictures can be found at:
Carstairs to Dalwhinnie
Kyle to Greenloaning

So after bailing out of the climbing Beatock shot, we headed north and went for the second planned shot of the day.
youtube logo 37 000The tour thrashes its way north through Larbert

After a bit of gardening at one location and racing the setting sun at another we finally settled at Dalwhinnie and awiated the arrival.
youtube logo 37 000After a brief stop the tractors depart Dalwhinnie

With the last Friday shot in the can, we headed off along the A86 and A87 for a few hours rest at Kyle of Lochalsh. Boredom lead to many things including a slideshow of the days photographs neatly perched on the dash board of my car for all to enjoy!
youtube logo 37 000The tour arrives at its destination
37406 The Satlire SocietyThe pair rest after tackling the Kyle line
37427 Bont Y Bermo37427 Stands at the end of the line.
37427 Bont Y Bermo37 and boats
37406 The Satlire SocietyNow free of the stock the pair move forward to clear the points

We left the tour before it departed Kyle and headed east driving until the sun came up. We found sunlight when we found Achnasheen
37406 The Satlire SocietyThe train arrives at Achnasheen
00000 Bravehearts estranged cousin decided gricing was the way for him.

Then with the first daylight shots in the bag, we moved on to Garve
37406 The Satlire SocietyThe train approaches Garve Level Crossing
37427 Bont Y BermoCrossing the road at Garve
youtube logo 37 000A bit of thrash from a passing car.

After Garve it was the Dingwall move.
37406 The Satlire SocietyThe tour arrives at Dingwall for the RETB token exchange
37427 Bont Y BermoThe tour pulls away from Dingwall

With Dingwall done a quick drive into Inverness and some shots over the canal.
37406 The Satlire SocietyApproaching the Caledonian Canal Crossing into Inverness
37406 The Satlire SocietyCrossing the canal to Loch Ness, but the only monster here are there tractors

The tour reached Inverness
37406 The Satlire SocietyPhil looks on wondering where his next fot will be
37427 Bont Y BermoThe way Scotland should be, tractors in the North

Tomatin Viaduct
37406 The Satlire SocietyThe tour begins its long trek south, seen here crossing Tomatin Viaduct

Last stop for Ewan and I. Dunkeld. I nearly Dukilled the slow drivers on the A9. The 37s were exceeding the roads national speed limit by about 30% and we had a job getting ahead of them!
37406 The Satlire SocietyThe pair pause at Dunkeld

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