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The MacCookie tour to Hooversville
The MacCookie tour - Day 1
Friday, 04th March, 2005

Day 0 and Day 1 to be precise. The Tour started off at Euston with the easiest way to get to Scotland by car - get a friend to drive it up whilst you get the sleeper. Thanks Phil
90022 Freight ConnectionShunt loco for the Caledonian Sleeper 90022 Freight Connection at Euston platform 1
90018 My ride power for the night 90018 at the head of the Caledonian sleeper

Day 1 proper
90018 After a hard days night 90018 stands at Glasgow after hauling the Caledonian Sleeper from London
390000 An early morning passing of Virgins. A south bound Pendolino crosses a north bound Voyager at the River Clyde at Crawford
66528 With a coal working into Scotland 66528 powers across the Clyde at Crawford
390000 Virgin Invader390050 heads into Scotland
66522 Shanks half livered 66522 works north with a Anglo Scottish MGR
66181 66181 slogs up Beattock bank
325001 Mail back on the rail - 325001 now run by GBRf heads down Beattock bank

An now for the reason for the trip......
50049 DefianceClassic WCML 70s WCML traction back on Beattock Bank. 50049 leads 50031 north
37406 The Satlire SocietyWith the south bound sleeper bound for Edinburgh 37406 stands at Tulloch
50031 Hood50031 poses for a 'ned shot' (tm - Anthony Hicks) at Fort William
youtube logo 50 049The double headed 50s hammer their way up the West Coast Main Line crossing the river Clyde at Crawford
youtube logo 50 049Bit of a hoot at Glasgow Central Low Level
youtube logo 37 40637406 with the Caledonian sleeper at Upper Tyndrum
66528 66528 heads through Crawford with an Anglo Scottish MGR
90036 90036 departs from Carlisle with a northbound engineers

wmv logo 50031 HoodBroadband Trailer for the Monarch of the Glen DVD - 9.99
wmv logo 00000 Dial-up Trailer for the Monarch of the Glen DVD - 9.99

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