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MacCookie Tour 2005 - II
Saturday, 06th August, 2005

After a quite long drive from London to the middle of nowhere, and a brief nights kip at the Moor of Rannoch Hotel. When I threw open the curtains to the splendid views of Rannoch moor I was somewhat disturbed my the 'snow storm' of midges and suspected the worst. Fortunately they disappeared by the time we got outside. So off over the moor to the north side of the viaduct to catch 1Y11 on its way to Fort William.
First stop Rannoch Moor
37406 The Saltaire Soceity37406 crosses Rannoch Viaduct with the Sleeper for Fort William
37406 The Saltaire SoceityRolling off Rannoch Viaduct 37406 heads to Fort William

then after strolling back to the hotel for a 'no one leaves here hungry' breakfast, back for the SRPS spoon tour.
47854 West Coast Rail's 47854 heads a Mallaig bound SRPS tour across Rannoch Viaduct
47826 Springburn47826 tails the tour across the moor

Then we moved on to another location, probably about 50miles as the crow files, but about 100miles by road!
47826 Springburn47826 clags its way west from Glenfinnan
47854 47854 tails the tour to Mallaig
47826 Springburn47826 catches some sun at Polnish
47826 SpringburnRounding the curve at Morar 47826 clags it up
47854 47854 rolls across Loch Nan Uamh Viaduct

Then a quick trip down to the Bridge of Orchy area to catch the Royal Scotsman going one way and the SRPS going the other
37197 Loch LaidonPowering up the final leg of the climb to County March the Royal Scotsman is headed up by 37197
37261 Loch Arkaig37261 tails the Royal Scotsman over County March Summit
47828 SpringburnThe SRPS tour comes back into view of the A82 road near Bridge of Orchy as 47826 tops with 47854
47854 The SRPS tour approaches the Horseshoe Curve somewhat dwarfed by the mountains behind
47826 Springburn47826 powers its way up towards County March summit

youtube logo 37 40637406 crosses Rannoch Viaduct with the Sleeper for Fort William
youtube logo 47 854The SRPS tour departs Rannoch
youtube logo 47 826Rounding the curve at Morar 47826 clags it up
youtube logo 37 197The Royal Scotsman climbs to County March Summit
youtube logo 47 826Coming off the Horseshoe curve and up to County March the SRPS tour heads home

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